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Inspired Thai cooking at Chilli Banana

YOU know a restaurant is doing something right when dish after dish arrives looking like it should belong on the pages of a cookery magazine.

At Chilli Banana in Didsbury they know how to create a beautiful feast of food. The ingredients are allowed to shine rather than being processed to death. The produce is high quality and market-fresh. And the accompaniments are well chosen. It all speaks of a confident kitchen that doesn't take shortcuts with its cooking.

Sizzling seafood, sweet coconut, a squeeze of lime. This is enlivening food that combines all our favourite elements of Thai cooking. Go for lunch or dinner (and feed the kids too for £6.95 for a main, dessert and drink).

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Here are our favourite dishes from Chilli Banana's a la carte menu.

Som Tam

We loved their version of this classic papaya salad. It was super-fresh with a real chilli kick to it.

Tod Man Pla

Handmade Thai fishcakes with a crispy shell and fluffy centre. Served with a lively peanut and cucumber pickle.

Tom Ka Gai

A fragrant, comforting curry of chicken in coconut milk, with the subtle citrus of lemon grass and the earthy flavour of galangal. A highlight for us.

Pad Thai Gung

An exciting, harmonious dish of fried noodles with king prawns, bean sprouts, preserved radish and peanut. Well balanced and light. A great example of this Thai classic.

Pad Krapow

A fiery stir-fry with king prawns, onion and holy basil. Another staple dish in Thailand, it's got a zingy lightness that leaves you satisfied but not flattened.

Salted chocolate tart

An indulgent end to the meal, this rich tarte was accompanied by white chocolate granache and vanilla ice cream.

Red current creme brûlée

The custardy crème brulee was undercut by sharp red currents to create a complex but successful dessert. One to savour slowly.

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Chilli Banana, 105-107 Lapwing Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6UR.