Lily’s is opening a huge new place in Ashton this week

Every January there seems to be an abundance of coverage across the media about embracing a plant free lifestyle. Vegetarianism and veganism is becoming a lot more popular for environmental, ethical, health and financial reasons. Chefs in mainstream restaurants have had to be a bit more creative with their vegetarian options as customers become savvier in terms of imaginative ingredients.

Vegetable Jaipuri Dec
Favourite as ever Vegetable Jaipuri

But there’s one restaurant in Ashton that has been quietly churning out the best vegetarian food in the region for years. Lily’s specialises in vegetarian Indian cuisine ranging from street food snacks to curries, huge filled dosa pancakes, Indo-Chinese stir fries, South Indian dishes and towering trays of brightly coloured traditional Indian sweets.

 Thanks to its success, Lily’s has now grown up and relocated across the road into larger, purpose built premises across the road – and it’s gorgeous. Customers now enter through a brand new deli area displaying a variety of sweet and savoury snacks and pastries to take away; including bhajis, samosas, kachoris, puris as well as Bombay mix, gharthia and chevdo.

The menu will be similar to what guests have come to expect from Lily’s where vegan and vegetarian dishes are the main event rather than an afterthought.

As well as their special Guajarati sweet selection, Lily’s will also have a special range of ice cream and gelato with lots of home made kulfi, sorbets and non-dairy options on offer.

 A specially commissioned, hand-painted mural at the entrance of the new 80-seater restaurant and bar tells the story of matriarch Lily and various family members in colourful detail.  Beautifully upholstered booths line one side of the restaurant, facing a new stage area where customers can enjoy a variety of entertainment from Bollywood nights to live music.

Mural Dec
Lilys much anticipated new mural

 The menu will be similar to what guests have come to expect from Lily’s where vegan and vegetarian dishes are the main event rather than an afterthought.

Lily’s signature paneer curries (also available as vegan versions) are a must order along with their georgeous light naan breads, delicious daals and sizzling hot platters. 

 One of our favourite Lily’s starters is samosa chaat – a homemade crispy samosa, packed with vegetables, smothered with hot chick peas, crunchy fresh onions, mint yoghurt and sweetly sharp tamarind sauce. You’ll also discover lots of interesting snacks and dishes that are freely available in India, but lesser known over here such as idli savoury dumplings made from steamed rice and lentil batter, ormogo chips made with deep fried cassava or uttapam lentil pancakes served with spicy sambhar and coconut chutney.

Mixed Dec

After celebrating their new place with a launch party for regular customers, friends and family, Lily’s will officially open to the public on January 9th.

Find Lilys at 85 Oldham Road Ashton-Under-Lyne OL6 7DY.

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