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Salvi’s introduces its take on the classic fiorentina with its Florence Pizza

SALVI’S is launching a new pizza, the Florence, to raise funds for the Cure For Florence campaign. This supports research into finding a cure for the rare, life-limiting regressive genetic condition GM1, unfortunately suffered by the three-year-old daughter of restaurant owner Maurizio Cecco’s best friends.

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Maurizio said: “We were devastated when we found out the news about Florence’s diagnosis, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that more people know about this condition and to help Florence have a happy childhood. We’ll have more going on over the next few months, including a fundraising event at Salvi’s.”

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The Florence Pizza, available from 19 February, is Salvi’s take on the classic Fiorentina, with a tomato base topped with fresh mozzarella, a cracked egg and friarielli (wild broccoli) in place of the usual spinach. 

All profits from the sale of the Florence Pizza will be donated to the Cure for Florence campaign, which has already raised over £2,000 on the JustGiving page.

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