Following social media backlash, 1761 will no longer feature live Myliobatoidei

Bosses behind new Manchester restaurant 1761 have U-turned over plans to stock live stingrays in their 'huge' feature fish tanks, following backlash on social media.

Owner Phil Healey said that although they were confident the 180,000 litre tank "would provide the right amount of space", they had taken heed of comments.

"We don’t wish to upset or offend anyone and can see that there are people who would object," he said. "So this was the right choice for us.”

Since news of the restaurant launch broke earlier this month, many have taken to social media platforms to voice their objections. One commentator said: 'This seems a barbaric gimmick', while another wrote 'The world has moved on from using and abusing animals for entertainment'.

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The restaurant name, 1761, is taken from the opening year of Manchester's Bridgewater Canal, which in turn sparked the Industrial Revolution - a momentous, world-changing event which inspired Healey to create something he felt was "truly of this city".

However, many failed to see how the fish - typically found in coastal tropical and subtropical marine waters - had anything to do with either the canal system or the city's heritage.

A spokesperson for the restaurant - due to open next month - told Confidential that other fish species will still be used. Which begs the question: where do you draw the line?

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1761 is located in the former Avalanche site (pictured) on Booth Street

Many took to social media to voice their objections...

Perhaps a bit much Dave...

The restaurant responds to criticism...