Caped crusader bringing presents to Manchester and Leeds

You better watch out, you better not crime, you better not bring up his parents and the joker in casual conversation, I’m telling you why, Batman is coming to town. Specifically Manchester and Leeds.

That’s right, Batman’s on tour this Christmas and he’s coming to Manchester and Leeds on the same day (Friday 10 December). Swapping the Batmobile for a Christmas-themed van that also transforms into a bat-themed Santa’s grotto, the first 30 people to arrive at each location will receive a host of DC gifts.

Expect bat-themed Christmas decorations, festive cheer and maybe even a Robin.

Visitors to the superhero-themed Santa’s grotto alternative who enter the competition will also be in with the chance of winning one of five DC bundles. Those unable to attend in person will be able to enter the competition online.

A Cartoon Batman Comic Cover Advertising Batmans Christmas Visit To Leeds And Manchester
If you're a fan of of elf on the shelf, you're going to love Batman in a van Image: DC Comics

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da Christmas

In an extremely fitting opening to the two-day tour, which takes in five locations across the country, the Batman festivities will begin on 9 December in the East Midlands village of Gotham.

The Batvan will then continue to Nottingham and Birmingham, before arriving at The Printworks in Manchester on Friday 10 December at 10am and South Side Parade in Leeds at 2.50pm on the same day.

The Batmobile On Deansgate Close To Rendition And Dirty Martini On Deansgate In Manchester
Batman is swapping his traditional batmobile for a different form of transport Image: Confidentials

Emblazoned with the trademark bat symbol and sporting a Christmas interior fit for a darkness-loving, suit-masquerading superhero, expect bat-themed Christmas decorations, festive cheer and maybe even a robin or two.

Batman’s move to replace Santa makes sense in a way. Both use a famous form of transport, both are iconic dressers, both frequent rooftops and are pretty up to date with who has been naughty and nice. Batman using a much more forward approach when dealing with the naughty.

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