50% off on Friday 8 July at the NQ’s purveyor of posh babs

It’s nearly July 8 which means it’s nearly World Kebab Day. Bet you’ve been counting down the days, haven’t you? Opening those little kebabvent calendar doors and picking out bits of doner meat and chillies to savour.


 OK so kebabvent calendars may only be a new invention – as in right this minute – but kebabs are loved throughout the land, in every takeaway in every town.

 It may be Turkish in origin but we’ve taken kebabs to our hearts and on July 8 we honour them and revere them like they deserve on National Kebab Day.

 At least they do at BAB.

 What finer way could there be to celebrate the joys of meat in a flatbread than by giving everyone 50% off babs all day?

20220308 Bab Early 04

Book a table and enjoy bargain babs and let’s start the campaign to make World Kebab Day a bank holiday. 

 But as BAB knows, a bab is for life, not just for World Kebab Day which is why they make such top drawer beauties every day. 

 Carefully crafted babs made with the best of locally-sourced ingredients, vibrant flavours and homemade marinades and sauces – they’re one of life’s pleasures. 

 From the flat iron steak bab with whipped blue cheese and truffle to the authentic bab hit of the lamb adana with feta and pistachio labneh, this isn’t takeaway trash, these are babs worth sitting down for.

Click here to book at table at Bab.