L'Oréal Blackett and her mum reconnect in a five-star setting

THE older we get, the less we get to spend time with our loved ones. But if anyone's owed our one-on-one attention, it's our mothers. After all, they've given us enough of theirs.

So if you're looking for Mother's Day ideas, remember that time is a great gift, especially when coupled with an hour of intense relaxation. The Mum and Me Pampering Package at The Lowry Spa gives you both, with more than a touch of luxury too.

The spa makes a wonderful impression on all ages. Firstly, the idea that Taylor Swift and Rihanna have stayed in the hotel rooms gives it glamour by proximity. Plus, it’s bright, with space age white walls and deep blue neon lights, and polished therapists speak with hushed ‘spa voices’. It reminds me of a hazy dream sequence in a rom-com.

It’s not just about relaxation, your skin looks miles better; nourished, radiant, brighter and more youthful.

The mother’s day treatment takes place in the couple’s room. We're close enough to feel we’re sharing the same experience, but there’s mandatory silence – so there’s no risks of distraction, though there were giggles.

We were both treated to a targeted QMS facial for 60 minutes. They target loss of collagen – not that your mum is ageing, mind you.

An anti-ageing treatment with QMS is an intensive one. We often forget we have more than 40 muscles in our face, until a masseuse is working away at your furrowed brow and tense expression.

QMS really understand skin. Face masks, acids, moisturising – you’re taken through a complex, proactive routine. It’s not just about relaxation, your skin looks miles better; nourished, radiant, brighter and more youthful.

And the day doesn’t just end on the massage table. You’re taken to a relaxation room, which comes with a small sauna, and looks out over the Lowry Hotel footbridge.

We sat and talked for hours. Time we haven’t had in a while. And when it was time to leave, we both had glowing skin and a smile on our faces.

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Exclusive offer on the Mum and Me Package at the Lowry Spa

Confidential has a very limited number of Mum and Me Packages at the Lowry Spa available for just £70 per couple (Monday-Thursday) or £90 (Friday-Sunday).

This includes a 60 minute QMS facial each (suited to skin types), plus fresh juice on arrival, the use of luxury robes, towels and slippers, and time in the relaxation room and sauna.

Find out more and book.