‘Winterlast’ may look like a random shed in Sadler’s Yard, but it seems appearances can be deceptive

OK, we admit we were going to take the piss on first seeing NOMA’s Christmas effort. We’re all for a 'hideway from the Christmas markets’ but if we wanted to take refuge in a shed, we’d take a bottle of cheap plonk to the garden section of B&Q.

Then we read the press release and saw that it housed a '40-seater cinema with high definition screen'. That's some shed.

We’ve since come to the conclusion, after peering at said shed, that it’s actually an entrance, either that or Doctor Who’s tardis had transmogrified and planted itself behind the Printworks.

2017 11 21 Winterlast 2
The Narnia of NOMA, a magic portal into…the building behind

Anyway, now we’ve cleared that up, here’s the blurb:

“Winterlast is a cosy, comfortable and convivial hideaway made up of a bar from the beer brains at The Pilcrow with an interior designed by PLANT NOMA, plus an indoor cinema showing a full advent of the best festive films for free. With this, we're hoping to provide a hideaway from the traditional markets and offer something a little bit different.

'Travel up through its eaves to discover an alternative festive experience where cosy corners, Christmas films and festive feelings are on tap.'

170509 Pilcrow Pub Exterior
The Pilcrow pub, Sadler's Square

The ‘tumbledown woodland grotto’ has been built by the folks at PLANT (more on that here) and will be manned alongside The Pilcrow pub team; who promise an ‘esoteric’ seasonal drinks menu and not a bratwurst in sight.

So, a Narnia in NOMA, who’d have thunk it. Then again, there are stranger things. Latest gimmick to hit the inbox? A Sony pop-up that scans shoppers’ heads and turns them into baubles. Shame we can’t escape through PLANT’s portal for the duration of Christmas…

Winterlast will be open from 4pm between 1-23 December at Sadler’s Yard, NOMA, M60 0AB - more info @SadlersYard across social media using the hashtag #Winterlast