The 'media & diversity' representative of Law department society reportedly felt 'joy' at Hamas attacks

Following a television interview on Sunday (8 October) a University of Manchester (UoM) student is to be investigated over the nature of some of the comments she made. This was during a pro-Palestinian rally in Manchester when up to a thousand people marched through the city.

We have now written to the student informing them that a formal investigation has been initiated

Dana Abuqumar appeared in a Times report which read: ‘Speaking to Sky News on the sidelines of the event, Dana Abuqamar, president of the Manchester Friends of Palestine, said: “We’re really full of joy, full of pride at what has happened… This time it was [Hamas] who have taken the first move, which has taken Israel by surprise. We are proud that Palestinian resistance has come to this point.”

Abuqamar is a student of the Law Faculty at the UoM and is on the committee of the Bar and Advocacy Society (UoMBAS)

Her role at UoMBAS is overseeing 'media and diversity'. Her words on Sunday seem somewhat at odds with the second word of her job title.  

2023 10 11 Dana Abuqamar Outside Central Library
Picture taken from the University of Manchester Bar and Advocacy Society Image: UoMBAS

A University of Manchester spokesperson told 'We are investigating the television interview conducted by one of our students on Sunday and the comments they made about the current conflict in Israel and Gaza. 

'We have now written to the student informing them that a formal investigation has been initiated that will be led by a senior University academic. 

'Our University community, particularly those with friends, family or close ties to the region, will be deeply concerned about the escalating violence and loss of life in Israel and Gaza over recent days. In line with our values we reaffirm the importance of mutual understanding and tolerance at this very difficult and distressing time. 

'Any and all forms of racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, discrimination, and abuse have no place in our community.'

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