Three weeks after the sickening terror attack on Manchester Arena, the council are preparing to relocate flowers, plants and more

The council has revealed details of plans to respectfully relocate tributes to the victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack which have been left in St Ann's Square.

The square, which has been covered in a carpet of flowers, plants, messages and tributes has become a 'symbol of the city's shared grief and spirit of solidarity'. However, three weeks after the sickening attack, and the impact of 'time and bad weather' on the tributes means the council are now taking steps to preserve or re-use them.

Work will begin on the evening of Friday 9 June to collect flowers still in good condition to be pressed and preserved by Manchester Manchester Art Gallery's Conservation Studios, with some used in memorial books to be presented to the families of the 22 people who lost their lives in the attack.

Meanwhile, potted plants left in the square will be replanted across the city centre, with any remaining flowers or plants in a poor condition to be composted to 'help new life flourish'.

Soft toys and other non-perishable items such as football shirts will be cleaned and dried and distributed to children's charities. 

170525 St Anns Square Manchester Arena Terror Attack Img 0363
Long queues formed to lay flowers in St Ann's Square following the attack

Arrangements are also being put in place by Manchester Central Library's Archives and Manchester Museum teams to preserve messages left on cards in the square, which it is recognised are an important part of Manchester's social history. 

Councillor Sue Murphy, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said: "St Ann's Square has been a remarkable sight and a moving temporary memorial which we have maintained as long as we practically could. People should be reassured that neither those who lost their lives or were hurt on 22 May nor the remarkable resilience and refusal to give into hate which Manchester demonstrated will ever be forgotten. That spirit and those memories will live on forever."

The council say they are now considering plans for a suitable permanent memorial.

170525 St Anns Square Manchester Arena Terror Attack Img 0362
The tributes quickly began to form a floral carpet