The UK’s leading psychedelic arts fest is back with everything from NFTs to vegan naan

If you’ve got a second-hand tie-dye t-shirt or an old CD of The Coral’s The Invisible Invasion lurking at the back of your wardrobe, you’ll be pleased to know that Pscyh Fest is celebrating its 9th year with a new hub and some psychedelic stretching. Spanning seven different venues, the festival is set to take place on Saturday 3 September with a line-up of leading figures in the industry and some street food vendors that you’ll already know and love.  

Psych Fest is taking place in some of MCR's most popular music and entertainment venues, all within a 10-minute walk via the Oxford Road corridor

Not one to neglect its inner art hoe, Psych Fest also has print workshops, murals, sculptures, and some trippy visual installations to check out in between all the movin’ and shakin'. 

With a full rundown of food, booze, artists and events now live, and tickets selling out pretty rapidly, here's the low down on Manchester Psych Fest 2022.

Manchester Psych Fest 2022 Mushroom Fields Outside Circle Square On Oxford Road
Fields and fields of fungi Image: Manchester Psych Fest

Mushroom Fields forever

Psych Fest has taken over some pretty big venues since its conception in 2013 with the likes of Night & Day Café and Gorilla playing host to its headliners from the very start. However, innovation is key, and the fest has now decided to create a brand new neighbourhood outside Circle Square called Mushroom Fields. Acting as “the gateway to the festival”, this fun(gi) location will transform the outside space known as Symphony Park (round the back of the Circle Square building on Oxford Rd) into a place to collect your wristbands, engage with some digital arts and installations, and partake in some psych stretching with personal trainer Fiona Ledgard. 

Stocking up on some interesting booze too, Mushroom Fields will be selling a limited edition Psych Fest Mango IPA from Manc brewery First Chop. A photo booth, DJs, second-hand shops, and NFTs also mean that there’s nothing to get hung about, Mushroom Fields forever. 

This Charming Naan Manchester Cauliflower Curry And Rice
I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a tie-dye bucket hat to wear Image: Confidentials

Stuff that isn’t mushrooms

Don’t worry, Mushroom Fields isn’t solely dedicated to shrooms, some of Manchester’s most popular street food vendors are taking over the role of Psych Fest fuel providers throughout the event. The vegan Indian institution This Charming Naan will have a stand, as will new Antipodean spot Tahi, food hall favourites Hello Oriental, kebab fiends Doner Summer, and Holy Mountain Kitchen. 

If you’re looking for some festival garms to take away with you too, there’s some official festival merch to be had, as well as a selection of premium vintage clothing from the Northern Quarter outlet Bionic Seven. 

Sophie Egleton Psychedelic Artist For Manchester Psych Fest 2022 Oxford Road Circle Square
Sophie Egleton's work is some of the stuff featured at this year's Psych Fest Image: Sophie Egleton

Keep Your Mind Open for some art

As Psych Fest is both a music and arts festival, it's definitely not lacking in the latter thanks to creatives like Lucy Grainge, Rebecca Miller and Raissa Pardini. This year there will be a History of Manchester Psych Fest exhibition, an NFT takeover from KnownOrigin, and more traditional Psych Fest art like murals, sculptures, illustrations and "visual extrapolations". Make sure you catch all the creative stuff whilst you're wandering, and have a read of some background info to fully immersive yourself in the trippy creations. 

If you fancy getting involved and making some psychedelic art of your own, print workshops will be part of the day’s itinerary and you can take away a limited edition tote bag so that every single person in the office knows that you're dead cool. 

Kurt Vile Onstage For Manchester Psych Fest 2022 Lineup
This year's lineup is far from vile Image: Alyssa Leicht

Get to the tunes already 

This year's Psych Fest is taking place in some of MCR's most popular music and entertainment venues, all within a 10-minute walk via the Oxford Road corridor. With gigs at The Albert Hall, O2 Ritz, RNCM, Gorilla, Deaf Institute and YES, there's a whole list of incredible acts lined up for a full day of tunes. 

Some line-up highlights include Kurt Vile & the Violators, The Coral, Jane Weaver, Goat Girl, The Lucid Dream and Mystic Peach. Trio Dream Wife are also on the bill, as are Hamish Hawk, Yumi and the Weather, and indie rock musician Mini Trees.

Although the festival is on for one day and one day only, there are over 60 live artists and DJs on the cards, and you can view the whole list from A-Z online right now.

Manchester Psych Fest 2021 Crowds
If last year's anything to go by, the crowds are pretty special Image: Manchester Psych Fest

Don't trip and miss it

Tickets for Manchester Pysch Fest 2022 are on sale now with prices starting at £49.72 for the day. The doors open at 12pm officially, but Mushroom Fields will open to festival-goers from 10am and stays open until 9pm, with wristband collection and the Psych Fest bar also open from 10am.

Keep up with all things Manchester Psych Fest on socials for last-minute announcements, but for now, have a root around your bedroom for anything featuring smiley faces and clashing neon colours. 

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