Contact Theatre has announced a very unusual show for the launch of its autumn season

‘Football’ and ‘opera’ - two words you wouldn’t normally associate with one another. But Contact’s upcoming production We’re Not Really Here: A Football Opera is set to change the playing field quite literally, with 100 City fans replacing the role of professional actors. 

Launching Contact’s autumn season in September, the unique performance is a collaboration between Belgian theatre directors Yahya Terryn, Gilles De Schryver and Oliver Roels - formerly of acclaimed Belgian company het Kip -and Manchester’s Contact, which already has a reputation for its inventive calendar and community focus.  

This, however, has to be one of its ambitious stagings yet: reversing the role of spectator in an exploration of what it means to be a football fan. The highs, the lows, the banter, the songs…audience members will watch it all from the middle of the ‘pitch,’ the fans letting loose around them. 

170704 Contact Theatre
Contact Theatre

The company have now sent a callout for people to get involved, with any blues aficionados over eight-years-old encouraged to apply. And don’t worry, they’re not expecting any solo sopranos: the ‘opera’ refers more to chanting and singing (tunefully or otherwise).

No acting experience is required but participants must be able to commit to the rehearsal period (9-20 September) and all public performances (20-23 September). Both take place at Oxford Road, with rehearsals arranged according to your daytime or evening availability.

Fancy a go? Email to get involved.

The full Contact autumn season will be announced this Friday from 12pm - more info at