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Classic cocktails and brand-new creations

ROSSO is the go-to glamorous drinking and dining spot in the city centre, and the extensive cocktail menu is as sophisticated as you might expect of the restaurant and bar’s reputation, giving you a choice of “originali” or “classico” creations.

For the ultimate in decadent drinking, the Dolce Vita is topped with a fine layer of gold leaf and finished with a splash of Champagne

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From the originali list, the Dolce Vita has become Rosso’s own classico – it’s now well and truly the bar’s signature cocktail. The world’s first luxury vodka, Belvedere, is blended with fresh muddled strawberries, vanilla-infused sugar, pressed apple juice and lemon zest. For the ultimate in decadent drinking, the mix is then topped with a fine layer of gold leaf and finished with a splash of Champagne.

Now we’ve had a glimpse of the sun, keep that summer holiday feel going with a Ciroc Colada; a blissful blend of zesty fruits with a punch of rum for a totally tropical taste. Or head to the Med with Rosso’s nod to the increasingly popular Aperol Spritz. The Solerno Spritz is influenced by the Italian island of Sicily, with blood orange and passionfruit for a refreshing fizzy long drink.

Classicos wouldn’t be classicos without an Old Fashioned – possibly the first drink on record to be named a “cocktail” – or Ernest Hemingway’s favourite tipple, the Daiquiri. And from a simple but chic Kir Royale to various Martinis, the essence of style, at Rosso you can be sure of class in a glass.

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Farfalla Giardino

In fact, the expert mixologists can knock up any classic that takes your fancy, even if it’s not listed, and they also offer a good selection of non-alcoholic mocktails, at £7.50 each. What’s more, the 5 @ 5 Cocktail Hour includes five special cocktails for just £5 each, available weekdays 5-7pm. Just ask for The Black Album and give Miss Physalis a whirl – a fruity number – or the floral gin mix Tulip Julip or sweet and smooth vodka-based Black Rose. For something suitably urbane, look no further than the Japanese-influenced Umeboshi or the Le Kumquat Chocolat – the dessert of drinks.

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