Gradwell Street chicken restaurant comes to the Manchester food hall

The cat’s out of the bag, or should we say the chicken’s out of the egg? Liverpool’s favourite fried chicken spot Pattersons will be arriving at Manchester’s Freight Island next week.

The original concept behind the family run Gradwell Street restaurant is great tunes, cocktails and beers and, of course, even better chicken, bringing that ‘oh my god, this tastes so good’ end-of-night-style foodie fix throughout the day.

The collaboration was announced on social media yesterday evening (20 March) and has already received a rave response from loyal fans and eager new customers alike. 

A lot of love goes into it. We think it sets us apart from everyone else in the fried chicken scene.

2024 03 21 Pattersons Chicken Burger
Expect high-quality, crispy fried chicken Image: Confidentials

Declan Carr, General Manager of Pattersons told us: “We chose to work with Freight Island because we’ve heard great things about what they’ve helped bring to the Manchester hospitality scene since they opened. We’ve been ourselves a few times and the food and entertainment quality is brilliant, so it's just a scene that we really wanted to be a part of.”

Opening this Easter Weekend on Good Friday (29 March), Pattersons will be serving up crispy coated tenders, wings, burgers and loaded fries, and the all new ‘Freight Island Stacker’ - exclusively available in the Manchester food hall. Groups (or hungry individuals) can tuck in to their Famous Fried Chicken Buckets. All of which can be served with their signature chicken gravy or Patt’s White Gravy, ideal for dunking. 

“Everything we do is made fresh,” said Declan, adding “Our fried chicken is brined for a minimum of 24 hours and then we rest in our secret recipe sauce for a minimum of five hours, so a lot of love goes into it. We think it sets us apart from everyone else in the fried chicken scene.”

2024 03 21 Pattersons Thumbnail
Pattersons will open their kitchen at Freight Island on Friday 29 March Image: Confidentials

Pattersons will also be ramping up the action at Freight Island with a world record attempt at a wing eating challenge - details of when to be confirmed. They’ll also be opening a kitchen in Liverpool’s highly anticipated Blackstock Market later this year.  

When asked to describe Pattersons in three words, Declan chose “fresh”, “delicious” and “famous”.

Be sure to head down next week for some fresh, delicious and famous food. 

Pattersons, Freight Island, 11 Baring St, Manchester M1 2PZ

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