Global music distributor to launch second coffee shop at Oxford Place

Liverpool-based Ditto Music have revealed plans to open their second coffee shop in Manchester.

Ditto Coffee - which first opened on Liverpool's Jamaica Street late last year - is set to open on the corner of Oxford Street and Portland Street, in Bruntwood's Oxford Place (pictured above), in May 2019.

Billed as a 'creative hub for independent artists, music and coffee lovers', the store will offer performance space for local artists, an in-store 'demo dropbox' and opportunities to display records and merchandise.

Ditto Coffe Pic
Ditto founders Matt Parsons and Lee Parsons outside their Liverpool coffee shop. Ditto

Speaking about the opening, Ditto's CEO Matt Parsons said: “While Ditto Music gave emerging musicians a digital route to market never before available, Ditto Coffee will put local, independent music on the high street. 

"We believe coffee shops have a unique community spirit, and throughout our journey building Ditto into a global business, we’ve found them to be the perfect place for people to come together, share ideas and make new connections. 

"It’s the next evolutionary step for music discovery and we’re particularly excited to be bringing this concept to Manchester – a city that has always lived and breathed music and particularly on Oxford Road, Manchester’s hub for innovation."

Founded in 2005 by Matt and his brother Lee, Ditto describes itself as 'one of the world’s biggest musical distribution services' with offices in sixteen countries supporting over 150,000 artists.

Andrea George, head of retail and leisure at Bruntwood, said: “This is an incredible new brand heading for Manchester, with only one other location in the UK right now. Music runs through Manchester’s heart and soul so it’s particularly exciting to be bringing this innovative new concept to the city."

Ditto Coffee opens in Oxford Place in May 2019.