Having just won a gruelling court case, the pair are back to give people ‘a bloody good laugh’

It’s been a busy time for the founders of Bongo’s Bingo. Not only have the pair launched ‘Live from the Bungalow’ - a bonkers new streaming service that brings their cult rave bingo nights to an online audience (more on that later) - but they’ve just won a gruelling court case with Liverpool venue Camp and Furnace over ownership of the Bongo’s brand.

After a process lasting almost a year, plus an eight-day trial, the judge ruled conclusively that Jonny Lacey and Joshua Burke own the concept, started the concept and are the creative force behind the concept, stating that this was “…overwhelmingly clear.” Directors of Camp and Furnace, which first housed the show in its native city of Liverpool, sought to assert they were the creative force but lost every single part of the case.

170201 Bongos Bingo
Now hosted in over 50 cities worldwide, Bongo’s Bingo is famed for its impromptu raves, outrageous quizzes and random prizes

Thanking everyone who had helped them through a ‘very difficult and challenging process,’ Lacey and Burke said: “That we had to go to Manchester High Court to prove what we already knew was a shame and a huge test of our resolve, but in the end it had to be done and in the end we believed by telling the truth we would win and that truth and justice would prevail.

“We are also really sorry for the general staff left at Camp who are affected by this, some who we worked with for many years and who played no part in the case.”

Full details of the case and its verdict can be found here.

2020 03 27 Jonny Lacey And Joshua Burke Founders Of Bongos Bingo
Jonny Lacey and Joshua Burke: “We want to say a massive thanks to the public who supported us too and believed us”

Now the enterprising pair are back doing what they do best - giving people a bloody good laugh. To that end, they’re bringing their cult bingo night online during the coronavirus crisis with Live From The Bungalow: ‘a crazy mix of Bongo’s Bingo, Jonny’s pub quiz and whatever else the team throw in.’ 

During the bonkers two-hour show, completely unscripted and streamed live on Twitch, participants can also expect classic Bongo’s Bingo music and iconic prizes, plus live call ins and audience dares.

It’s free - participants (18+ only) just need a UK phone number and piece of paper to play - but those taking part are encouraged to donate to the NHS during each show.

2020 03 27 Bongos Bingo Live From The Bungalow
Expect a bonkers two hours with Live From The Bungalow

Designed to encourage positive connection and some much-needed escapism in these challenging and isolating times, Live From the Bungalow has already attracted over 100,000 viewers and entered the top ten streams on Twitch. The show’s Whatsapp, meanwhile, went into meltdown last Saturday night - with 10,000  messages in just fifteen minutes. 

Broadcast from Liverpool in a hastily made studio that the team are now living under lockdown in, the next show will take place from 8pm this Saturday. Next week’s streams will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Join in at twitch.tv/bongosbingo and follow the team on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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