We've listed all the top spots for salt beef, bagels, and loaves of challah. L'chaim!

If you read our weekly food and drink news roundups or follow us on the gram, you’ll already know that we’ve been going turbo on Greater Manchester towns and suburbs, wandering about in the West Pennines and scoffing crisp butties in Stalybridge since the start of 2022. We’ve also trekked from the top to the bottom of Bury New Road, hopping in and out of kosher delis, takeaways, and restaurants to snap some pics of pasta and talk about pickled tongue.

Our trip to Prestwich inspired us with pizza places, Middle Eastern grills, and a smoked beef frap that made it onto our dish of the month list for February. So much so, that we decided to round up the top Kosher spots on the Greater Manchester grid.

Not just a round-up for kashrut followers and members of the Jewish faith, these delis, bakeries, and restaurants are well worth a trip on the tram or a drive out of the city centre for all food lovers.

Read on for twelve great places to enjoy kosher food in Greater Manchester

Challah From Brackmans Bakery Salford Kosher Food
This definitely isn't the last loaf of challah that'll feature in this list Image: Brackman's Bakery

Brackman's Bakery

You cannot beat a freshly baked Jewish bagel - or a kosher Bakewell tart for that matter. With a proper varied selection of sweet and savoury baked goods, Brackman's Bakery is one to drop into on Leicester Road for a loaf of challah and a lemon tea.

Great for lunches with a wide variety of sarnies, salads, and a special egg bagel, Brackmans’ nosh is available to both eat-in and takeaway from Sunday to Friday. Other menu highlights include falafel with homemade houmous and a choice of freshly prepped pasta dishes, and the “bake your own challah at home” kit is £2.20. I mean, it’s been there for 80 years, so it must be good.

Brackman’s Bakery, 43-45 Leicester Road, Salford M7 4AS

Celias Kitchen Catering Spread Prestwich Kosher Food
Celia offers up a serious spread Image: Celia's Kitchen

Celia’s Kitchen

A mid-pandemic new opening nestled in the side streets of Prestwich, Celia Clyne is a household name for her long-standing kosher catering service - almost everyone's bar mitzvah has had a bit of Celia's magic involved. Her new spot, Celia’s Kitchen covers all your cravings with a massively varied menu and an even broader delivery radius. Delivering to Prestwich and Whitefield all week, to Hale, Bowdon, Cheadle and Liverpool on a Thursday, and Leeds on a Friday, the North-West region is pretty much covered by Celia Clyne and her shwarma.

The menu features everything from salt beef and soup to falafel, mezze platters, and a Once in a Lifetime Burger with pulled beef, chicken schnitzel, lettuce, tomato, and your choice of dressing. Offering Friday night dinner staples delivered straight to your door, this home kitchen corner plot also does pre-prepped Jewish chicken soup by the bag load. Time to move to M25.

Celia’s Kitchen Takeaway, 7 King’s Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 OLE

Js On The Corner Interior Kosher Restaurants
Lingering on street corners never sounded so tempting Image: Confidentials

JS on the Corner

We've already talked about the pretty hefty smoked beef frap from here, and our arteries will remember it for a lifetime. However, JS On The Corner has got loads more to offer besides a deep-fried tortilla wrap dripping with battered onion rings, beef, cheese and pickles.

There are hot beef sarnies, falafel, chicken soup with lokshen and kneidle, and cans of strawberry Israeli nectar all available to eat in or take away. The rest of the menu boasts a range of ribs, burgers, curries, and hummus plates with a list of sauces that’s longer than Bury New Road. Originally located elsewhere and named JS restaurant, in its newer, more casual corner spot JS can still lay claim to being the oldest Kosher haunt in Manchester. Take note newbies.

JS On The Corner, 27 Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 9JY

Lets Fress Deli Smoked Salmon Bagel Kosher Restaurants 2022
Things are super fresh at Let's Fress Image: Let's Fress Deli

Let’s Fress Deli

Let’s Fress Deli is a kosher indie biz that’s family-run and known to locals as Cooper's - from the family's name. Stocking fress, sorry fresh, local produce, this well-loved Whitefield delicatessen allows you to build your own bagel, sample some smoked salmon, and try some, you guessed it, salt beef. Fress is Yiddish for gobble, and there is plenty to gobble on here. 

The argument around which Jewish deli does the best bagels in Manchester can get a little heated on but Confidentials editor Kelly is a big fan of the ones from Let's Fress as well as its gefilte fish balls and latkes.

The deli is open Sunday to Friday every week and delivers to both North and South Manchester postcodes every Friday. It doesn’t do business via dm though, so email or pick up the phone to secure the goods.

Let’s Fress Deli, 70 Bury Old Road, Whitefield, Prestwich, Manchester M45 6TL

Lulus Kitchen Build Your Own Bagel Kosher Restaurants
Bagels in a box for the perfect lunch on the go Image: Lulu's Kitchen

Lulu’s Kitchen

Mixing things up a bit with a spot in Cheadle, this wholesome home-cooked menu is known for its salmon-based brunch offerings and the all-beef Chicago hot dog. With eggs cooked all ways and the option to have a bagel or rye, it’s a great place to take away lunch and mooch around the village.

Not one to toot its own horn, Lulu’s also does some secret specials every now and again, examples including the Gujarati stuffed aubergine curry or a ginger and mango biscotti. Don’t worry though, chicken soup and salt beef are permanent selections.

Lulu’s Kitchen, 41 Wilmslow Road, Cheadle SK8 1DR

The team here make some must-try topping combos Image: Mozzarella Prestwich


Although a good traditional kosher meal to take home isn't hard to come by, if it’s a wood-fired pizza with fresh toppings and a proper crust that you’re after, Mozzarella is a must-try. 

This kosher pizza restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining offers up unique topping combinations like potato, carrots, peas, and mozzarella on a spiced curry base. Domino’s is outta the window where this spot’s concerned. Mozzarella’s menu doesn’t stop at pizza as it also offers fresh pasta options, homemade focaccia, and a stand-out shakshuka with bread and Israeli salad. It’s very unassuming from the outside, but it's vegan-friendly, good for gluten avoiders, and open ‘til 1:15 am on Saturdays (drunk stodge alert). 

Mozzarella, 5 King’s Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0LE

Pagoda Chinese Restaurant Prestwich Kosher Food 2022
Beef in black bean is always a safe bet Image: Pagoda Chinese

Pagoda Chinese

Kosher Chinese restaurants are few and far between in Greater Manchester. In fact, this seems to be the only one of its kind (according to Confidentials' kosher correspondent). Making up for this lack of choice with a menu that has just about everything from chicken teriyaki to a tofu poke bowl (and plenty of Chinese dishes too, of course), Pagoda is another one for the Bury New Road tally and fans of blow torch salmon.

For those who love getting their elbows out and delving into a buffet, Pagoda also does a Thursday night buffet dinner for £15 per person. Available for eat-in and takeaway from Monday to Sunday, we suggest you stop wasting your time and just Pago-dere right away.

Pagoda, 1, Park Hill, Bury Old Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0FX

State Fayre Stall At Manchester Central 2022
A bagel board is always a bonus Image: State Fayre

State Fayre

Another bakery for the bucket list, State Fayre in Whitefield has pasties, pastries and a soup of the day deal for £4.99. A local fave with loads of fun baked goods, the spot is open super early on Fridays and Sundays for all your bagel needs, and you can choose to dine in or takeaway. 

One quick scroll down their social media and you'll also want to nab some cherry scones, savoury quiches, and celebration cakes for all occasions. When it comes to cake, you can buy by the slice or take the whole thing home to savour slowly.

State Fayre, 83 Park Lane, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7HL

Taam Middle Eastern Restaurant Prestwich Kosher 2022
TV stars Ta'am were a hit with the gaffer Image: Ta'am


It's award-winning, Middle Eastern, and it’s been on the telly, according to its Instagram bio. Gordo also agrees that Ta'am is a pretty special spot, he nominated the lamb kebab for his dish of the month back in Jan this year. 

The menu has grill specials, pan Asian dishes, and a shawarma selection that changes with the seasons. Bookings for bigger parties and private gatherings can also be catered for upstairs. Ta’am is right next to Kosher Deli Manchester on Bury New Road, which is another special spot if you want to cook Kosher at home - our top tip, a big slab of pickled brisket. See also its neighbour Three Bakers below.

Ta’am, 5 Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 9JZ

Tasti Pizza Omelette Sandwich Kosher Restaurants Prestwich 2022
Tasti looking tasty Image: Tasti Pizza

Tasti Pizza

Sorry Mozzarella, you haven’t monopolised the Kosher pizza market just yet. Tasti Pizza is on Leicester Road in Salford and its takeaway selection ranges from £1.99 slices to smoked salmon bagels and fish and chips. Rather unusually, its pizzas come on either a wholemeal or spelt base with a load of different toppings, and sides include breaded mushrooms, Chinese egg rolls and potato latkes. Tasti also does different deals every month which it posts on its Facebook. L’chaim to that.

Tasti Pizza, 23 Leicester Road, Salford, Manchester M7 4AS

Three Bakers Kosher Bakery Prestwich 2022
Three bakers is Ta'am's much-loved next door neighbour Image: Confidentials

Three Bakers

Italian restaurant, artisan bakery, open til midnight on Saturdays, ok we’re sold. Three Bakers is another one of the places we wandered into on our school trip to Prestwich, and we bought some chocolate baked goodies for the office.

Three Bakers is all about traditional Italian specials like aubergine parmesan and fungi risotto, but it also does fish dishes, eggs benny, and lovely loaves of challah. The interior is all plant walls, copper lighting, and geometric flooring, and the staff are super smiley, so it's definitely one for a Sunday brekkie or mid-week cupboard re-stock.

Three Bakers, 7 Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 9JZ

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