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The honey toast at Dazzling Cafe is a weird and wonderful creation

IN Taiwan they queue down the street for the honey toast at Dazzling Cafe. It's their signature dish – and one reason why this cult eaterie is so popular, not just in Taiwan but in China and Canada, too.

The first European Dazzling Cafe is right here in Manchester on Mosley Street. We went along to see what their famous honey toast is all about. Because, not being funny, but even we can make toast with honey on it.  

Turns out, it's a little more exciting than that. Imagine an edible box made out of sweet, spongy French toast containing oozing cubes of honey toast inside, and topped with whatever sweet treats you fancy – and an extra dollop of ice cream because we're not doing things by halves here.

Dissembling this perfectly assembled food cube is part of the fun. Though obviously you'll want to Instagram it first – with its cute, quirky Taiwanese décor, it's that kind of place.

Not in the mood for something sweet? Their savoury menu is pretty special too – take a look at the video below to get a taste of the kind of East-West crossover food they do.

Like what you see? Go and check it out – Dazzling Cafe is opposite Manchester Art Gallery. Find out more.