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UP Fitness Manchester explains how Brooke Vincent got her ideal body shape for Dancing on Ice

WHILE lots of us have an ideal body shape we'd like to achieve, not all of us would agree on what that is. Slim and willowy, strong and muscled, lean and athletic: they're all subtly different and they're all created in different ways.

For Brooke Vincent, the Coronation Street actor who is currently starring in Dancing on Ice, her ideal shape was “curvy yet toned”.

She enlisted the help of Mark Bohannon, personal trainer at Ultimate Performance Manchester, to create a twelve-week training and nutrition plan that would enhance certain areas of her body while toning others.

Here he talks about how they sculpted her into the body shape she wanted, and explains how Brooke's attitude was a big part of her success.

“Brooke trained just two times a week with us at UP to get her twelve-week transformation result.”

The workouts

“Brooke followed a German Body Composition Training plan which utilises upper and lower body 'supersets'

“She wanted to get that curvy, toned shape, so we prioritised lower body muscles such as the glutes and hamstrings.

“With exercises in her full-body workouts grouped into supersets, Brooke would perform a lower body lift like a squat followed by an upper body lift like a pulldown.

“Performing these big 'compound' exercises helped Brooke get her rapid body transformation results and shape the lean, toned and athletic figure she wanted to achieve.

“Brooke trained just two times a week with us at UP to get her 12-week transformation result.

“This was achieved because we focus on quality over quantity, ensuring that every single rep works the muscle that's meant to be working, to get the maximum benefit.”

Brooke Vincent Ultimate Performance Squat Brooke Vincent Ultimate Performance Squats Brooke Vincent Ultimate Performance Track

Brooke's workout: a sample day

A1 - Dumbbell Split Squat 4 x 10

A2 - Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4 x 10

B1 - Barbell Glute Bridge 4 x 10

B2 - Seated Supported Row 4 x 10

C1 - Incline Hyper 3 x 12

C2 - Heavy Sled Push 3 x 20 metres

C3 - Heavy Sled Drag 3 x 20 metres

The nutrition plan

“We optimised Brooke's nutrition to help her lose body fat with a diet of lean proteins, green vegetables, healthy fats and low glycemic load carbs.

“We also helped Brooke build healthy new habits into her lifestyle for the long-term so she can maintain her results and keep her new body.” 

​Brooke's diet: a sample day

Breakfast - three eggs and spinach

Lunch - Chicken Fajita EatUP Meal

Snack - Protein shake and fruit

Dinner - Coconut Chicken EatUP Meal

The attitude

“Throughout her twelve-week transformation, one of Brooke’s best qualities was wanting to always better herself, even on the days when she wasn’t feeling one hundred per cent.

“Brooke wanted to work that little bit harder and lift that little bit more in every session. It helps get the best transformation possible in the time-frame when clients have this determined attitude towards training.”

The before and after pictures

In Brooke's words:

“During those twelve weeks, habits started to change and health started to improve. And now that I’ve actually completed it, I’m so proud of myself, mainly from the smoking aspect, but more so because I never thought I was strong enough to take something so seriously and stick it out.

“So here I am, a stone lighter, smoke-free, and in that dress I bought at 19, grew out of, and kept 'just in case'”

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