Gordo gives us the go on Home by Simon Rogan

Cook at home boxes are far from a rarity at Chez Gordo. In fact, I get my fix of Shoryu’s ramen boxes delivered almost every month. However, I was recently ambushed by Lady Hocknell, a senior account director at Confidentials, as she demanded a piece on the Home by Simon Rogan box that I had delivered a week or so ago. 

 I had recently been to Rogan’s now-three-star Michelin restaurant in Cartmel, and L’Enclume’s food, service, atmosphere, and general magic were penned in my most recent review of the hillside spot. The whole thing was extraordinary. 

 Arriving home on a miserable wet Friday evening, the Home by Simon Rogan box was sat on my doorstep as requested, a little wet, but very welcome. Extraordinary packaging, I thought, as it held up throughout the crappy weather.

 Opening up the box, the goodies were insulated with proper sheepy wool, all stacked together with a generous number of ice packs. Keep them, they’re useful. I unpacked all of the individual containers and elements into the fridge to use the following evening, and I reckon all of these bits will keep well for at least two days. 

Img 2785

The care taken by the team at Rogan’s restaurant carries through into this box of delights; right down to the brilliantly laid out instructions and the sustainable mossy packaging. Not only are the instructions laid out on paper in a step-by-step format, there’s also a QR code that unlocks a video of Simon himself talking you through the whole experience. 

 My box included a stuffed guinea hen breast, a little swine of an ingredient that’s difficult not to turn into a dry hunk of leather. It was brilliant, though with big flavours and loads of moisture, and the sauce, Jesus, thank you for this. I would never in a month of Sundays been able to produce this from scratch. The leg was confited, and when you introduce this to some softened, buttery and smoky leeks heightened by nutritional yeast. I was really enjoying my time here. 

 Before the guinea hen, some sourdough bread had been tickled up in the oven. Simon’s winter tarn butter was then taken out of the fridge and waited patiently as per instructions for the bread rolls to warm through. The bread went with the caramelised potato, broth of Roscoff onion, and lemon and thyme comté. That lot took ten minutes in my kitchen, but probably about three hours to prep back at the Rogan HQ.

Img 2786

Finally, dessert was a knicker dropper - lightly set white chocolate cream, Rogan-farmed blackberries and almonds. 

 I can’t recommend the Home by Simon Rogan experience more highly. Starting at forty five quid, its great value in terms of the time, effort, and money it takes to enjoy truly great food at home. 

I have some Gordo tips too:

Make yourself a cuppa, sit down well before you’re starving, and read the instructions whilst watching Simon’s step by step videos. PAY ATTENTION

  1. Get your ‘batterie de cuisine’ ready. Lay out all your pans and utensils ready to go
  2. Do your ‘mise en place’. That means get all your ingredients laid out clearly on your work surface
  3. Have another cuppa and set your table. No rushing here
  4. Open some wine, neck a glass. You can get a paired wine flight to go with your cook at home box if you fancy
  5. Tell whoever you’re cooking for to shut the fuck up and stop mithering you
  6. Get on with it.

Honestly, though, the Home by Simon Rogan box worked really well. It was great fun, it didn’t take a genius, and in my opinion, it can be delivered with great results every time by anyone who can handle a pan or two and is able to switch the heat on. The menus change every month as well, so you can try something new whenever you fancy some Michelin-star menu action at home. 

Click here to order your Home by Simon Rogan box.