Lucy Dobson gets them down the hatch

Confidential has been hearing an awful lot in recent days about some balls trapped in a hatch on Oxford Road. So we sent intern Lucy Dobson down to take a look...

It's almost too easy to make a gag here about balls. So we will. You NEED to get down to Holy Crab's street food shack and pop their balls in your mouth. You won't look back.

Those who have made it down to Hatch, Bruntwood's street food/craft beer/coffee/indie retail project in recent days may have spotted it nestled in the courtyard on Oxford Road.

Amongst a menu of sustainable seafood snacks, which includes fresh Colchester oysters and fish butties, you'll find their infamous crab balls; crispy, deep-fried breadcrumbs surrounding sweet, soft crab meat with a hint of chilli and cheese, served up with a brown crab mayo.

Freshly served straight out of the fryer, it’s easy to see why Holy Crab’s balls have become such a social media crowd-pleaser, even better when washed down with a cold one from on-site nano brewery Öl.

20180503 Holy Crab
The Holy Crab hatch

You get seven balls for £6, just enough for a light bite or as a sharer on the side of Holy Crab’s beer battered smoked haddock butty (£6). Those who are feeling fancy could even mix it up with fresh oysters (three for £6) and chunky chips.

Holy Crab’s Lou and Hannah have been bringing their seafood delicacies to people across the North West for a few years now and have already left their mark in the kitchens of Northern Quarter’s Kosmonaut and Trove in Levenshulme, as well as teaming up with Runaway Brewery for its monthly supper club.

They're here in Hatch for twelve weeks over summer, so don't drop a bollo... sorry, ball... and miss out.

Holy Crab 4
Dem balls

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