Plus Cafe Patron quests, bee reviving and expert avo toast

Has everyone managed to effectively bleach their eyes of last week’s health minister shenanigans? So much for social distancing. Whilst Matty got a slap on the wrist the rest of the UK were doing their best to avoid the dreaded Track & Trace ping. You only need to cast an eye over restaurant Twitter to see how hard it is to avoid.

Strong content as per on the socials this week. Feelgood Friday vibes, more pastry hybrids (we’re not complaining) and the potential for at least one free shot in Stockport. Without further ado, release the hashtag.

Scroll on for our weekly round-up of full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene.

Feel the burn

Siri, show me a picture of a dish that might cure my apprehension towards jalapeños. Ah, Liquor & Burn’s plate of smoked bacon rolled, fresh goats cheese stuffed jalapeños with a sun-dried aioli. Excellent choice, thanks Siri.

Toastest with the mostest

There’s something very chef’s kiss about this shot of Federal’s bacon, poached eggs, smashed avo with chilli salt and house pickles sitting atop award-winning Lovingly Artisan sourdough toast. A classic done right. Pro tip: never leave Federal without a box of Tim Tams under your arm. They make the humble Penguin biscuit look like an Asda Puffin.

Well worth a brain freeze

What will they invent next? We say, as we scratch our head and then immediately tuck into whatever it is they’ve just made. The latest pastry hybrid is the ice cream croissant sandwich courtesy of Pollen Bakery and small-batch artisan ice cream purveyor Rogue Ice Cream. Not available yet but when they are finally released we’ll be having at least three back-to-back.

The best storytelling bar, none

At first glance, Dulcimer Bar has merely posted a meme. That’s not a slight against memes. Boyfriend looking over his shoulder is a classic of the format. But swipe a little deeper and there’s Pulitzer-worthy literature there. Café Patron and one bar’s destiny. Classic don’t judge a post by its cover stuff. Full marks.

Gotta get down on Friday

Top-notch weekend vibes from Unagi this week. Someone’s just got a Tik Tok account and our feeds are all the better for it. Positivity off the charts. We can’t wait for the restaurant to discover the app’s Green Screen filter.

Espress yourself

Prestwich represent. Italian bakery, coffee shop and wholesaler Lupo was on Sky Sports News this week showing Kyle Walker (not that Kyle Walker) how to make a proper Italian espresso. That beaming smile says it all.

An argument for it going to penalties

Okay, hear us out. A free shot for every England goal, eh? That ol’ chestnut. This England squad is a safe bet when it comes to free shot offers with its frugal approach to goal scoring but we’re happy to tempt fate for the good of the nation, and Notion. But look at the bottom of the poster, uh oh. If classic England turn up there are going to be a few sore heads in Stockport on Wednesday morning.

Bee kind this summer

It’s always a shame to see track and trace closures in hospitality but we’re glad to see that Reclamation Room in Uppermill is making the most of its time. Anyone doing their part to save the bees is a friend of ours and this sugar water on a spoon bee revival put a smile on our face.

Lycopersicoaphobia is real

You can’t say that you don’t learn things reading Manchester Confidential. Lycoperisicoaphobia is the fear of tomatoes, don’t you know? Northern Soul had its own chance encounter with a sufferer this weekend. Spare a thought for the customer's partner.

Obligatory Matt Hancock post

It would be rude not to. The former health minister personified in cake form.

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