Are you taking the time to enjoy a healthy & delicious breakfast?

Are you taking the time to enjoy a healthy & delicious breakfast?

We have invested tonnes more time into our breakfast menu, ensuring you get everything your body needs for a successful day. Try going meat-free with our Dairy Free Porridge (ve) or Coconut Yoghurt Bowl (ve) - both fast, filling and made with 100% natural ingredients.

3 Squared Breakfast Porridge

Plant Based Goodness Is On The Rise...

In a recent BBC article, 107 leading scientists have concluded that in order to prevent climate change, switching the population to a diet consisting of predominantly plant-based ingredients could be the most impacting solution. It doesn't mean cutting out meat altogether, but a reduction in consumption will go a long way for both the planet and your HEALTH.

An easy & sustainable swap for you is replacing dairy with plant based milks and yoghurts, usually made from nuts or seeds. Top tip: choose the cleanest products from brands that are free from stabilisers & additives. ** Below images show 3 Squared's Breakfast Pancakes (ve) & Almond Milk Iced Lattes (ve). Both 100% plant-based & refined sugar free.

3 Squared Breakfast Pancakes 3 Squared Breakfast Iced Coffee

Dairy Free Since Day One

3 Squared's founders, both from a Personal Training background, have seen massive improvements in client's energy, skin, body composition and overall health through nutritional choices alone. With this knowledge in mind, 3 Squared has been Dairy Free since day one and we decided to commit to our customers health by stocking the leading premium brand of plant based milk - Rude Health

Cashew, Coconut, Oat and Almond Milks are always available for any of your desired drinks from Flat Whites to Matcha Lattes. Your drink, your way.

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