Buy one get one free on coffee every Monday

There are perky people who start every week with a spring in their step. And they are very irritating.

 Any Monday morning perkiness on our part is entirely manufactured by coffee. Without our caffeine hit, most likely we’d still be clinging to the duvet.

Factory Coffee is here to help. Every Monday, it’s doing buy one get one free on coffee. So that’s a double dose of caffeine to give you a kick up the metaphorical backside when you need it most. The coffee is a unique signature blend of their own too, which you are unable to get anywhere else.

 Or, you could spread the coffee love and take your bonus americano into the office for your mate. If you’re feeling generous, that is.


Lunchtimes are looking good too. Sit in sunny Trinity Square on King Street West with a flat white and then another flat white. And maybe one of their lovely bakes to go with them. A slice of lemon drizzle is always a good call.

 Even better, sit with a friend and discuss the travails of office life over a coffee each. When Factory Coffee treats you, it’s good to pass it on. You’ll have good karma for the rest of your working week.

 Good karma and good coffee – Factory Coffee is giving away black gold. The signature blend is a finely-balanced blast of flavour from North Star Coffee Roasters using a mix of beans from the Brazilian rainforest, small-scale Nicaraguan coffee farmers and the renowned Jimma region of Ethiopia. It’s smooth and rounded with nutty, chocolatey and stone fruit notes. 

So good, we could drink two cups of the stuff. Which is fortunate. Did we mention Factory Coffee is doing buy one get one free on coffee on Mondays?


Find Factory Coffee at 38 King St W, Manchester M3 2WZ or click here to find out more.