Retro sweets, retro prices, and 100 free cocktails to giveaway

FONT on New Wakefield Street is launching its new cocktail menu with a drinks giveaway and party on Thursday 2 May.

 They'll be handing out 100 free cocktails from 8pm, and it'll be 2 for 1 on new cocktails from 11pm to 1am.

 The cocktails at Font are some of the most bonkers in the city. Recent specials include a 'Winter is Coming' cocktail featuring a mini Ned Stark's head on a stick, and 'Just Keep Swimming', featuring a (fake) fairground goldfish in a plastic pouch of toffee apple vodka, blue curacao and cream soda.

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The new menu promises 14 new creations for those who like their cocktails sweet and potent. Look out for Smarties, Skittles, Flying Saucers, Pop Tarts, glitter and rainbows galore.

 These are drinks that bring out your silly side even before the alcohol hits. You can't take yourself too seriously when you're drinking a rainbow-striped rum slush with a unicorn horn sticking out of the top.

 Providing the soundtrack for the shenanigans is Duncan from Dutch Uncles – he'll be DJ-ing from 8pm. For Thursday night fun (with free drinks...) this is your place. Party starts at 8pm, 2 May, Font New Wakefield Street.

Find The Font at 7-9 New Wakefield St, Manchester M1 5NP or click here to find out more.