Pigs in blankets, eggnog éclairs, gingerbread mince pies…need we say more?

Need a break from the weekend Christmas crowds? Want to sample some festive cuisine without paying top whack to stand around eating it in the rain?

Then head to James Martin Manchester.

Not only is it the perfect central hideaway - slightly away from the markets and frenzied shoppers - its location inside Manchester235 means only adults are allowed, perfect for some valuable relaxation before rejoining the madness.

What’s more, the dining never disappoints - festive afternoon tea being a case in point. You can see the menu below, and rest assured it’s as lip-smacking as it sounds: from the freshly-baked bread to the dark chocolate and clementine pot, which our dining companion called ‘the most divine thing I’ve ever tasted.’ 

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All versions include a pot of tea each, and a complimentary glass of mulled wine to start. You can enjoy traditional (£19.95), with champagne (£29.95) or with three ‘G&Tea’ cocktails, featuring gin and tea (£34.95).

We tried the latter and can well recommend - it’s not often you get top-notch cocktails for the equivalent of £5 each. We won’t spoil the surprise too much but expect everything from tropical palate cleansers to spiced syrups and a ‘dessert’ cocktail that rivalled even the sweets - though perhaps not that chocolate pot… 

Festive afternoon tea is only on Saturdays until Christmas, 1-4pm, so get a wriggle on and treat yourself.

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