Pan-Asian restaurant shelved due to 'challenges'

Can't say that we're surprised, but apparently the plug has been pulled on Manchester's new £3 million pan-Asian restaurant, Fable.

Due to open in Manchester Hall, the redeveloped Grade II-listed former Masonic Hall on Bridge Street, some time last year, Fable promised Japanese food in an atmosphere inspired by 'Eastern tales of mysticism and wonder'. 

London-based architects Shed produced lavish CGIs images featuring giant suspended dragons snaking around the ceiling of the main hall, as well as statues, tapestries, stained glass and artworks of an Asian persuasion. There was also a DJ booth, installed on a pulpit behind a large sculpture of a hand... holding a massive carp.

It all sounded very expensive. Too expensive, it seems.

The plans were put forward by Panacea club owner, Joe Akka, who says the building has 'thrown up too many challenges' to continue. Though Akka insists Fable will happen, just somewhere else. There's no news yet on the carp.

Despite the knock back, word is that Akka and his team will pursue plans to open a new venue in Ancoats later this year.

Fable Main Hall
Plans for Fable included giant suspended dragons and massive carp