GIN is definitely the thing for Mark Smallwood and Liam Manton – the brains behind the Didsbury Gin brand, born not so long ago in the leafy suburbs of south Manchester.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant Fletcher Moss botanical gardens, gifted to the people almost one hundred years ago in 1919 by Alderman Fletcher Moss himself – owner of the Parsonage, Didsbury Village’s second oldest building – the quintessentially English whistle-whetter makes its own Mancunian mark by adding a refreshing citrusy twist to the classic London dry gin we all know and love.

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The craft behind Didsbury Gin sees traditional artisan methods using eco-friendly copper stills, but it’s the combination of botanicals infusing the blend that adds the modern flourish – fresh fruit peel from sustainable sources, hand-cracked juniper berries and a special selection of British roots to bind the flavours.

Hailed in Vogue magazine as ‘one of the most exciting new British gins’ and stocked by the likes of Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, the result is clean, crisp and zesty, making it quaffably versatile: drink neat, with tonic or in cocktails. Which is how the Didsbury Gin duo nailed the long, hot summer – with their pink gin tipple, bringing together fresh British raspberries with the subtle notes of locally foraged elderflower. 

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Now seasonal cheer is on the cards for the pair with the Didsbury Gin Christmas liqueur, which pops everyone’s favourite festive flavours in a glass. With cinnamon, nutmeg, mixed spice and a couple of seasonal secrets infusing their original Didsbury Gin, think a swiggable version of mince pies and Christmas pud. At 18% ABV (the regular Didsbury Gin is 40% ABV), it’s a warm, wintery treat that can be served as it comes or on ice. Think Christmas, think Didsbury Christmas Gin. Shop local? Don’t mind if we do!

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