Fancy winning a £25 bar tab? Tag us in a photo of your furry friend and you could do just that

Forget cats, we all know canines are the ultimate companions - they are man’s best chum after all. So, with the imminent arrival of Confidentials’ newest recruit (Derek the daschund), we decided it was time for some doggy appreciation.

Enter…Dog of the Month.

Simply tag us in a photo of your furry friend on Twitter (@mcrconfidential) or Instagram (@mcrconfidential) with the hashtag #MCDoggyDog and a couple of facts about your pal. Each month, we’ll pick a winner, who’ll bag a £25 bar tab at one of our favourite pooch-friendly venues.

That got your tail wagging? Here’s some inspiration in the form of Albert the puggle… 

2018 11 23 Albert The Puggle 1
Albert, as snug as a pug in a rug

About me

My mum was a beagle and my dad was a pug (saucy devil). I like to think I’m the best of both.

I have a snout so I can breath properly but I still snore REALLY loud.

Born in March 2016, I think I’m a lion and will kill you with kisses.

My favourite treats are chicken calcium bones and Schmackos. Think you can tempt me with gravy bones? No chance mate.

I bark a lot - like I said, I think I’m a lion - but really I wouldn’t hurt a fly (I chase those and sometimes they scare me).

I love it when Mum and Dad let me sleep in their bed, it’s like a cloud. This is an occasional treat so I make sure I take up the wholllllle bed.

I have a bald neck because my collar was too big when I was a puppy and it rubbed the hair off. But don’t worry, I’m still sassy because bald is sexy.

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