Where have Seed & Cherry bean all of our lives?

A new coffee shop with a unique concept is set to open in Manchester’s Northern Quarter next week. 

Seed & Cherry promises a coffee experience like no other, appealing to caffeine connoisseurs and newbies alike. 

There is a whole world of difference in taste and character between varieties of coffee.

Sourcing their speciality-grade coffee beans from all over the globe, Seed & Cherry aim to introduce their customers to the distinct personalities and flavour profiles that individual coffee beans have. 

Faizan Zaheer, co-founder of Seed & Cherry said, “Generally people have their ‘go-to’ drink in a bar and learning the heritage and nuances of alcohol is becoming increasingly popular.”

2019 07 30 Seed And Cherry 3

Just like with alcohol, they say there is a whole world of difference in taste and character between varieties of coffee, with discernible flavours such as red apple, brown sugar and orange, dark chocolate and caramel and… Nag Champa and second-hand leather (probably). 

Customers will be encouraged to try a different bean each time they visit, in order to find their perfect match.

Our readers will be glad to hear that the brand is eco-conscious, with their ethically grown and processed beans coming from coffee-growing hotspots like Colombia, Rwanda, Brazil and Kenya and part of their proceeds going to fund local community projects. 

Seed & Cherry, 20 Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PN open their doors on 5th August 2019 and are offering 50% off food until Friday 9th August.