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MITTWOCH is the new Freitag (Wednesday is the new Friday) as the Wines of Germany Berlin Wine Tasting pops up in Elnecot on Wednesday 25 September, 7-9.30pm, for a one-off wine-tasting evening with a difference.

The Berlin-themed evening will showcase nine of the ‘coolest wines on Earth’, including a sparkling Sekt to welcome you to the evening, along with some German-style kebabs – the street food of choice in the German capital – especially made by the award-winning Elnecot kitchen, plus Berlin-inspired beats from a live DJ.

From world-class fresh whites to elegant, juicy reds, and from ethereal sparklers to crazy low-intervention cuvées, German wine is of the moment. Over the past few years, German wine has been undergoing a revolution, and the latest generation of German vintners are making some seriously cool wines. You need to get involved – and this special Berlin Wine Tasting at Elnecot is one easy way to do so. 

Over the past few years, German wine has been undergoing a revolution, and the latest generation of German vintners are making some seriously cool wines

German wines are greatly appreciated by sommeliers, chefs and wine enthusiasts around the world. With 2,000 years of winemaking tradition to draw on along with new high-quality wines made in environmentally sensitive ways in state-of-the-art cellars, German vintners really are in the vanguard of contemporary winemakers.

Germany is one of the most northerly wine-growing countries in the world and is known for its top cool-climate wines – those coolest wines on Earth. Most of the country’s vineyards are planted on steep slopes, protected by forests with sun-reflecting rivers nearby. The growing season is long with a great balance of rainfall and sunshine. The grapes have time to ripen and maintain their fruitiness and acidity to produce cool, fresh, crisp and aromatic whites and sparklers and delicious, elegant, light reds. Today, Germany is known for its spectacular zippy dry Riesling wines and perfectly ripe Pinot varieties.

German wines are massively versatile and make the perfect partner for food from all over the world. Pair fruity Rieslings with smoked salmon brunches or fragrant Thai curries and poised Pinot Noirs with aromatic Mediterranean salads or lightly spiced kebabs. Check out Wines of Germany for recipes including fresh pea and lemon risotto and, soon, the Elnecot Berlin-style kebabs being created especially for the evening of Wednesday 25 September.

Talking of which… 

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Fresh Pea and Lemon Risotto

Wines of Germany will turn an ordinary wine-tasting on its head with their special Berlin bar to celebrate some of Germany’s top wines. Grab a glass of sparkling Sekt on arrival – the Reichstrat von Buhl Riesling Sekt (£21, available at Laithwaites) is full of creamy peach, apple and citrus flavours.

Next, work your way through Wines of Germany’s line-up of spectacular wines, starting with the racy Rieslings (pronounced reece-ling). A great aperitif or a fab match to all kinds of food, these are some of the finest white wines on the planet. The Berlin Bar Takeover will give you the chance to try and compare four Rieslings: Devil’s Rock Riesling (£6, available at Co-op) – refreshing, green apple and citrus; Tesco Finest Riesling (£7.99, available only at Tesco) – dry style, delicate flavours of orchard fruit; 50 Degrees Riesling (£10.95, available at Slurp) – dry, peach, green apple and citrus, and Paradiesgarten Riesling (£9.99, available at Majestic) – lemon sherbet, lime and a subtle sweetness.

Wines Of Germany 5

Be transported to Pinot paradise, as Wines of Germany showcase the Weissburgunder or Pinot Blanc (white) and Spätburgunder, or Pinot Noir (red) – Germany is now the third largest producer of Pinot in the world after France and the USA. First up, a white Vom Löss Pinot Blanc (£7.99, available at Waitrose) – smooth and elegant, floral and fruit aromas. Next, two reds: Hans Baer Pinot Noir (£7, available at Tesco) – sweet cherry and raspberry, slightly peppery – and Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Pinot Noir (£8, available only at Sainsbury’s) – light and fruity with hints of strawberry and violet.

For something a little different, Wines of Germany will also be offering up tasters of orange wine. Yes, that’s right, orange. It’s produced by keeping on the skins during the winemaking process, and Drei Freunde Orange Wine (£7.99, available at Under The Bonnet) is herbal, smoky, and with hints of apricot. See what you think!

All of the wines showcased at the Berlin wine tasting are available in the UK, so you can use your new-found knowledge next time you’re in the shop. Want to try the coolest wines on Earth? Early-bird tickets are just £20 (£25 full price) for the Berlin Wine Tasting at Elnecot, with all food and drink included.

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