New South African specialities are go

It’s only a few months till Christmas so bring on the blue cheese, that’s what we say. Chakalaka have with their new gourmet blue cheese burger. It’s a fine addition to the menu but don’t eat it too late at night or you’ll start hallucinating.

 Now that the weather’s changed, and you know, other stuff, we all need a bit of comfort. A warming bunny chow is just the ticket. Cute name but no bunnies. This best-selling curry in a hollowed out loaf has a new veggie version. The paneer and spinach chow is a milder option but still has spice enough to keep the autumn chills away. 

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Sosatie is another menu newbie that we’re not familiar with but we can’t wait to get acquainted. Beef and pork are seasoned with South African herbs and spices and cooked on skewers. We serve them with yellow rice or fries and a choice of sauces. Sosatie are a Cape Malay dish similar to kebabs – this Cape Town community has had a big influence on South Africa’s food scene. Chakalaka also serve a Cape Malay chicken bunny chow.

 All those tasty-sounding new dishes seem like something to celebrate. How about a cocktail? Well Chakalaka have eight new ones on the menu so you’ll be spoilt for choice. They include the Bramble, the Daisy, Tickle Me Pink, the Black Forest, Tipsy Lemonade and the Jaffa Cake. For someone with a cherry addiction and happy childhood memories of Sara Lee, the Black Forest cocktail sounds a must.

 Whether it’s just to enjoy the new cocktails or to sample the new South African specialities, make sure you give Chakalaka a try.

Find Chakalaka at 105a Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LW or click here to find out more.

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