Roosterkoek, Jaffles and Pap Balls - we've no idea what they are but we're sold

African restaurants in Manchester? Habesha in the Gay Village... Asmara in Northern Quarter... Blue Nile in Stretford... Jollof in Gorton... that's us done.

Manchester certainly doesn't have a wealth of African food and booze options, so welcome then to Chakalaka, (probably) the city's first ever South African-themed bar and kitchen.

Opening at 105a Oldham Street, formerly home to Holier Than Thou tattoo parlour, from Saturday 6th October, the new venue will serve South African bites (from £3-£5) including Wors, a type of South African sausage; Roosterkoek, hot bread balls; Jaffles, African toastie things, and Biltong, the dried and cured meat snack favoured by muscle-heads.

The venue takes its name from a spicy tomato, chilli and bean relish, usually served alongside Pap Balls (real name)

Drinkswise, there'll be South African beers such as Castle and Windhoek (from £3.50), homemade ginger beer and SA-inspired cocktails (all £7.50) such as the Amarula Spice (Amarula, mango, chilli), Amalekerlelicious (brandy, peach schnapps, lemon, cranberry) and the Mampoer Margarita (Mampoer brandy, triple sec, lime). 

There will be drinks offers from Sunday to Thursday including their ‘Wheel of Life’, which runs from 4pm-8pm, giving punters the chance to win extra drinks (exactly what you need on a Monday night).

Holier Than Thou
Chakalaka will take over Holier Than Thou tattoo parlour on Oldham Street Flickr

Director Stewart Dean said: “Chakalaka will celebrate the best of South African food and drink and offer a lively and friendly vibe to its customers. We are very excited to be opening in Manchester, a city that we both know and love.”

Fellow director Chris Potts added: “From our opening weekend on the 5th October, we will be actively supporting the Mayor’s Homelessness Fund. We will be donating 5p to the fund for every pint of our own brand lager, ‘Chakalager’, as well as specific seasonal cocktails. Homelessness is a real issue for the people of Manchester, and over time, we hope to make a significant contribution to providing part of the solution for a city we love.”

The venue takes its name from a spicy tomato, chilli and bean relish, usually served alongside Pap Balls (real name), balls of deep fried maize filled with cheese. Sold.

Chakalaka, 105a Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1LW. Tel: 0161 258 5188