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You’re just a tram hop from top tacos, sunshine brunches and kickass coffee

Taco Bell may not be ding-a-linging in a suburb near you but from the number of bars churning out nachos, it’s clear we’re in a Tex Mex takeover. Cheesy, meaty and satisfying, no wonder we’re all getting burritos on the brain.

There is some very good Mexican food around at the moment, and some that has as much in common with Grimsby as it does Guadalajara.

It’s a caffeine geek’s dream

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California Coffee & Wine in Altrincham has a different approach with an inspired Cali-Mex menu. This food style is lighter, fresher and has a bit more zing than the Tex Mex take, although you can still find mighty meaty melty comfort dishes too. There’s an LA sunniness to the food offering with plenty of cross-border Mexican attitude and local ingredients too – not a mix you’ll find much in South Manchester.

The brunch menu is a well-balanced mix of light and breezy dishes like San Fran salmon or LA brunch with its mix of smashed avocado, scrambled eggs and chipotle mayo as well as heartier options like the cheesy steak bro-ito. And the coffee is superb – made from freshly-roasted, freshly-ground biodynamic beans and Pristine Hydro water. It’s a caffeine geek’s dream.

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Friday and Saturday nights are California Nights, at least at California Coffee & Wine. From 5pm-9.30pm, they serve up a Cali-Mex feast of US-influenced tapas dishes. Everything is punchy and fresh with dishes like chipotle chicken blue corn tacos, chilli garlic polenta with spicy beef and a tofu poutine that’s anything but routine. Sociable small plates – perfect for sharing with one of California Coffee & Wine’s standout biodynamic wines. They have a good range and you can also choose a bottle from their wine shop with £10 corkage on any wine.

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