DNA VR is ready to take you to Egypt, the bottom of the ocean, and, well, Brown Street in town

We know, we know, there’s something very Black Mirror, and a little bit nausea-inducing about those VR headsets. If you have family members that were around 12 years of age last Christmas, you’ve probably watched your 58 year old Auntie have a go on one after a load of wine and turkey. “Oooh God it’s weird isn’t it” they say as they hurtle downhill on a virtual rollercoaster in your dining room with two play station remotes strapped to their wrists. 

how the hell do you escape from a room that doesn’t even exist in the first place?

The chance to ‘escape reality’ for a little bit does sound very tempting right now though, and thanks to London-based biz DNA VR, you can do just that from early 2023. 

Think escape rooms, ‘unimaginable’ virtual worlds, and an experience that encompasses fantasy, music, horror, and proper fun. Basically, if you’ve ever fancied experiencing a zombie apocalypse after a couple of bevs, or want to laugh and point at your mates whilst they fling their arms about at nothing, this is a new opening for you.

Dna Vr Virtual Arcade New Bar Brown Street Manchester 2023
Strap on a headset and escape the shit show Image: DNA VR

Bigger than your average VR Arcade paradise

DNA VR will have the capacity to host up to 16 virtual sessions at any one time (roughly 19 people), and there’s over 70 games to play both solo and as part of a bigger group so can all exist in the same metaverse at the same time. 

As the first and largest virtual reality arcade in London, it’s got big boots to fill on Brown Street in the New Year when it heads up from The Big Smoke. Watch out Flight Club. 

Co-Founder and CEO (he’s real, not virtual), Alexander Tsyurupa, said “DNA VR’s leading technology enables visitors to enjoy thrilling gameplay. Whether you want a fantastical adventure, or to solve mysteries, we have hundreds of games for every interest and passion”. Think Disneyland, but for adults and people who love The Big Bang Theory. 

Dna Vr Arcade Bar Brown Street Macnhester New Opening 2023
If the Love Island gang have been, you've gotta go Image: DNA VR

Gimme some examples

Ok, we get it, ‘virtual reality’ is a bit vague, the metaverse is a bit mind-blowing, and how the hell do you escape from a room that doesn’t even exist in the first place? 

Well, at DNA VR, you can explore the depths of the ocean, wander around the pyramids, and explore new worlds including Skyfront VR, Elven Assassin, and Arizona Sunshine. Still not any clearer?

Basically, if you’re playing with a group, up to 15 people can be plugged into the VR pods, and the ‘free roam’ arcade offers long-form escape rooms and explorative experiences, as well as games and interactive landscapes.

Dna Vr Game Arcade New Opening Brown Street Manchester 2023
You too could look this cool at DNA VR Image: DNA VR

Get pissed beforehand

If the thought of a virtual reality escape room or a wander around the pyramids in Egypt sounds like your idea of existential hell, maybe a drink or seven will give you the Dutch courage you need to put on a headset and release your inhibitions. 

The new location on Brown Street will come complete with a ‘decorated and futuristic foyer’ and a bar to get a bit merry in beforehand. The venue is between King Street and the Arndale, bang in central Manchester, so you can stumble out into the hyper oh-so-real world of Market Street after the whole experience. 

Dna Vr New Virtual Reality Bar Manchester New Opening 2023
This is what the current London gaff looks like Image: DNA VR

Discounts and details

DNA VR is set to open in early 2023, and once the booking system is live, you can get 10% off your first booking using the code MANCHESTER10.  

The arcade will be open from 3pm - 9pm Monday to Friday, and from 10.30am - 10pm on weekends. Bookings aren’t open for the new Manchester site just yet, but keep your eyes peeled online, and take some Kwells if these things make you a bit queasy. 

DNA VR Core, Brown St, M2 1DH

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