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What will you play first?

Roxy Ball Room is throwing open its doors on 1st August – ballers everywhere rejoice. Pool, ping pong, mini golf, shuffleboard, beer pong are all there for the playing. 

It’s strictly pre-bookings only so to get your space you know what you have to do. Book your place. Groups of up to six allowed.

Get your game on and ace it at ping pong and be the ruler of the pool table. Or have a laugh at watch everyone being as terrible as you. After lockdown, you’re allowed to be a little rusty hey?

Roxy Ball Room Manchester Booths 2

The drinks will be flowing and the food is exactly what you need after a hard night’s graft at the shuffleboard. Pulled pork nachos all round. Or BBQ jackfruit pizza if you prefer.

But cut the queues, they’ll bring it to you. Wherever you’re playing, just scan the QR code at your station to order drinks and food. Contactless payments, no hassle.

Keeps everyone safe and leaves you free to work out your next shot, you pool shark you.

Roxy Ball Room have really upped the ante when it comes to scrubbing and sanitisers – and it was already pretty high. Now it’s going to be sparkling. 

Roxy Ball Room Manchester Downstairs Pool

Everyone has to play their part, keeping their distance, not swapping tables or arranging to meet other groups.

Basically, what it boils down to is have fun responsibly and don’t be a fool.

That way we can all have fun, playing ball games Roxy style. 

Your shot.

Make your booking now for 1st August onwards.

Pre-book here