About the blogger:
Going by the alter ego, Slinkachu, the blog was established in 2006 by a 32 year old London man hoping to create a project that highlights the often lonely life of living in a big city – with a dash of humour. The mystery around the blogger himself is enough to make you revisit the blog let alone see what weird and wonderful scenarios the 'little people' are caught up in. He’s also has a book published.

About the blog:
Think the modern day Borrowers. Each post offers photographs of tiny figurines in everyday situations that Slinkachu remodelled and painted from a miniature model train set. Taken around the world – Russia, China and South Africa to name but a few – the photos capture aspects of various cultures making it empathetic but also enlightening.

Why do we love it:
Borrowers inspiration aside, scenarios are funny and very clever. The fact he leaves the figurines in place also makes it just a bit more exciting and makes you more aware of the simple things, such as walking down the street.

Best posts:

Dead Leaves - Embankment, London

Dead Leaves

Faith - Antwerp, Belgium


Balancing Act - Cape Town, South Africa

Balancing Act

Stroll - Moscow, Russia


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