Pastries, cakes, clotted cream and jam, and perfectly cut sandwiches. Mmm… have we missed anything?

Here in Manchester, we're bloody good at everything. And Afternoon Teas are no exception. 

Whether you're looking for the perfect cucumber sandwiches (without the crusts, obvs) or a tip-top scone with clotted cream and jam, these places really go all out when it comes to finger food. 

Basically, Afternoon Teas in Manchester are top notch. That's why has pulled together a list of all the best restaurants and cafes in the city serving up a posh cuppa (or something stronger, your call) and a quality selection of sarnies, sweet treats and nibbles. All presented beautifully, ready for you to snap a pic and boast about to your pals on Instagram. 

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Main image: Grand Pacific

2020 02 07 Cocoa Cabana 69
Chocoholics will love this super sweet Afternoon Tea at Cocoa Cabana. They have sites in Ancoats West Didsbury. Image: Afternoon Tea at Cocoa Cabana