Bingo Balls is Manchester's first permanent adults-only ball pit bar

We’ve had prison-themed bars, The Cube and the Crystal Maze. Roller-skating is en vogue and the city has long had the full smorgasboard of interactive darts, axe-throwing, video games, cricket and escape rooms. Now, the ball pit cometh. It’s time to relive your Wacky Warehouse youth, this time with a pint or cocktail in hand.

Planning this venue has taken us all back to our childhoods and we think we’ve perfectly captured that 90s nostalgia

That’s right balls fans. You no longer need to go down to London’s Ballie Ballerson to get your fill of boozy ball pit action thanks to the arrival of Bingo Balls at the Printworks. The new entertainment venture will be the north’s first permanent adult-only ball pit, bringing with it a full programme of entertainment.

Balls At Bingo Balls In Printworks Manchester
POV: balls to the face Image: Confidentials

Balls to the wall

Launching this Friday 8 July, the appropriately named Bingo Balls will bring thousands of balls to LED-lit pit pools in the Printworks. But wait for it, there’s more. Soundtracking the action, seven days a week, will be DJs from hedonism capitals of the world Zante and Ibiza. The DJs will be playing the finest R&B, house and disco tunes to amp up what will no doubt feel like a private party sponsored by blue Smarties.

If the prospect of balls to the face, torso, arms and legs wasn’t enough of a reason in itself to visit, a full programme of entertainment also awaits. Think drag brunches, bingo and even burlesque shows. Familiar faces have been teased. Don't be surprised if it's whoever's left of S Club 7, don't be surprised if it's not whoever's left of S Club 7.

Dancers At Bingo Balls In Printworks Manchester
This could be you, but you playin' Image: Confidentials
Social Media Ready Interiors In Bingo Balls Printworks Manchester
Do it for the 'Gram Image: Confidentials

Inside it's an Instagrammer's (or TikTok if you're that way inclined) dream with Mean Girls quotes on the walls, plenty of neon signage and enough flashing LED lights for a subtle health warning. The bar's central table doubles up as a catwalk stage, perfect for a drag or burlesque strut. 

Second Ball Pit At Bingo Balls Printworks Manchester
Not one, but two ball pits Image: Confidentials

Come in like a wrecking ball

Of course, none of this would be possible without booze. And you can bet there’ll be everything you need in liquid form in order to banish any lingering social anxiety. Cocktails follow the Mean Girls theme with the likes of the So Fetch (dark rum, lime, amaretto, vimto and popcorn) and Glen Coco (Malibu, tequila, lime, berries). If in doubt there's always a boozy Long Island ice tea.

Beers, ciders, wines and soft drinks will be available too, all sloshing around in your tum as you fall backwards and forwards into the pits again and again.

A lot of hungry work that. The on-site diner is a handy spot to fill up on fries, bottomless chicken and onion rings. Complete your nostalgia trip with Woolworths-style pick n mix. 

A Mocktail At Bingo Balls In Printworks Manchester
Cocktails include the So Fetch and Glen Coco Image: Confidentials
A Shoe Wine Holder And Cocktail At Bingo Balls Printworks Manchester
Whilst the 6ft high heel remains a work in progress, please enjoy this boot bottle stand Image: Confidentials

Scared you might not be able to take a decent picture amongst this wonderland of sugary, bygone-age inspired pandemonium? Fear not. A six-foot stiletto heel will be on hand for you to take pictures with. Pretend to be a Borrower. Pretend to have an extra special problem for your chiropodist. Go wild.

The Central Runway At Bingo Balls Printworks Manchester
The central runway stage will host dancers, drag acts and burlesque Image: Confidentials
The Main Bar At Bingo Balls Printworks Manchester
You're a long way from the Wacky Warehouse now, kiddo Image: Confidentials

Nicole Marie Lanera, from Bingo Balls, said:

“Planning this venue has taken us all back to our childhoods and we think we’ve perfectly captured that 90s nostalgia with a 2022 twist. All the team here can’t wait to open our doors officially and invite the whole of Manchester down to jump right in!”

Jason Shay, Printworks Centre Director said:

“We can’t wait for the doors to open at Bingo Balls. It’s a truly unique offering for the city and is sure to be an Instagram hit for everyone who visits. The variety of entertainment on suggests we’re going to be in for some amazing party nights this summer!”

The Barbie And Bratz Wall At Bingo Balls In Printworks Manchester
Sweet, sweet sugary nostalgia Image: Confidentials

Bingo Balls' opening weekend kicks off on Friday 8 July with a Tipsy Falls & Glitter Balls bingo night before the grand launch on Saturday 9 July with a night of non-stop entertainment. Tickets for bingo start at £3 with standing, seated and VIP options also available. 

Bingo Balls, Printworks, 27 Withy Grove, Manchester M4 2BS

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