Bring back the best bits of work life with Roxy Ball Room

There’s one good thing about being back in the office – seeing your work buddies again. No longer a grainy image on Zoom whose sound is never in synch – you can actually talk. In person. Stuff the office. You can all go out in person. 

Hang on - don’t stuff the office. Get them to pay for your social life. Let’s call it team-building. Bonding after lockdown. That sort of thing always goes down well with HR. A night out at Roxy Ball Room – apart from the vaccine, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

Withy Grove 2

Everyone missed out on the Christmas do last year, not to mention countless birthdays, leaving dos and the like so it is definitely time for a party. Fortunately, the social supremos at Roxy Ball Room know exactly what to do. From ten-pin bowling and Roxy golf to pizzas and drinks packages, they’ll get it all booked in so all you have to do, is play ball. Save the spreadsheets for the nine to five and let someone else do the organising.

Let’s make some memories in 2021. It could be you smashing it at Crazy Pool or owning the pool table like a legend. More likely, it’ll be a ping pong ball on the nose and a consoling pint. But we can all dream. 

Don’t wait till the next big event to book your Roxy night out – get a date in the diary now and have something to look forward to. Life owes you this one and Roxy Ball Room is currently taking group bookings for after 21 June.

Roxy Deansgate


Roxy Ballroom Deansgate at 76-78 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2FN

Roxy Ballroom Withy Grove at Unit R3, Withy Grove, Manchester M4 3AQ

Roxy Ballroom at Rainford Square, Liverpool

Roxy Ballroom at Hanover Street, Liverpool