Caviar face cream for just £6.99? Tori Attwood fills her shopping cart...

Cleanse, tone and moisturise - it’s the holy mantra ingrained in every woman come puberty, neglect it at your peril (or so we’re told). For many of us, we've amassed every lotion and potion stocked in Boots, spending a small fortune in the process. 'You get what you pay for'  - a slogan we repeatedly chant to ourselves, attempting to justify spending £50 on a bottle of bubbles that promises to rejuvenate our cells. It's worth the money, isn't it?

Whilst many beauty aficionados would hand-on-heart swear that premium products (and price tags) offer better quality, budget superstore Aldi argued otherwise, by launching a skincare range back in 2015. From vitamin-infused face wipes to affordable anti-ageing creams made with covetable caviar extract, the entire range is inspired by popular brands but with a notable difference: everything is under £10. With Aldi’s recent triumphs including a sell-out Jo Malone candle and award-winning gin under their belts, I decided to reconsider the budget beauty brand I’d previously been so quick to dismiss.

Can you really get top notch beauty products for under £10? I put Aldi to the test. 

Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream - £6.99

Slathering your skin in slimy fish eggs might seem a little medieval when it comes to beauty, but since 2016 caviar has transformed from a delicacy enjoyed by acquired palates to a beauty saviour you slather everywhere and anywhere. Loaded with vitamins and amino acids, a squirt of this miracle product could cost you anything up to £400. Unless you’re one of Aldi’s savvy shoppers, where the knock-off formula will set you back a mere £6.99. And its money well spent. Aldi’s own-brand Lacura offers a rich, gloopy cream with SPF15 protection, Caviar extract, snow algae and hyaluronic acid to nourish your skin throughout the day.  

The result was better than I expected: a healthy, youthful glow radiating from under my foundation. My skin was indeed ‘illuminated’. My makeup looked strobed – not the sweaty, sloppy strobed-look that I usually managed when attempting strobing - but radiant, bright skin. 


My skin was indeed ‘illuminated’

2017 09 11 Aldi Caviar Illumination Day Cream

Lacura Caviar Anti-Ageing Serum - £7.99

Harnessing Caviar’s vitamin-richness, the Lacura Caviar Serum is luxury anti-ageing care for cell renewal and regeneration. A clever chemical make-up sees the product sit in small caviar-like black balls within the bottle – when Aldi does Caviar knock-offs, they go all-out. Though the squirmish should fear not; a quick pump of the bottle transforms the balls into a glistening black gel. Smooth and light, the formula goes a lot further than expected, with just one pump needed to cover my face. It took longer to sink into my skin than the other products, so I was reluctant to apply it in the morning before my makeup, but the product offers a lighter alternative to those who steer clear of rich creams. 


2017 08 11 Lacura Anti Ageing
Lacura Anti-Ageing serum

Lacura Cleanser and Calming Toner - £0.79 each

For those dubious as to whether bargain beauty products may cause skin breakouts or freak reactions, Aldi’s kind-to-skin cleanser and toner will come as a pleasant surprise. The refined green and white branding gives a cheeky nod towards sensitive skin saviours Simple, as does the gentle cleansing effect. Infused with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, the duo removed my everyday foundation with ease. At 79p each, it’s £7 cheaper than if you bought the equivalent from Simple and my skin felt equally as cleansed and soft compared to when I used the latter.  


2017 09 11 Aldi Lacura Facewash
Aldi's Lacura cleanser

Expert Anti-Ageing Day Cream - £3.49

Whilst most women reportedly spend around £100 a month on skincare*, Aldi’s rejuvenating Expert range will set you back a few mere pounds. At just £3.49 for a 50ml pot, the Expert Anti-Ageing Night Cream offers a cheap alternative to overpriced formulas, whilst shiny, contemporary packaging still offers that premium feel. According to the box, the thick, intensely moisturising cream can help reduce skin elasticity by up to 41%, the appearance of skin smoothness by up to 33% and decrease the appearance of wrinkle depth by up to 29% in just 4 weeks. What more could you ask for?


2017 09 11 Aldi Lacura Expert Day Cream

Lacura Face Cleansing Wipes - £0.59

Usually coming in at £2-3 a pack, it’s easy to rack up your beauty bill when you’re stocking up on facewipes. Fortunately, Aldi offers a cheap and cheerful alternative to combat your beauty woes. Although a little drier than other facewipes I’d previously used (such as Nivea, Simple), the Lacura sensitive wipes did the job of removing my makeup and are a good choice for those who can’t be bothered faffing with a complicated cleansing routine. 


2017 09 11 Aldi 3 In 1 Sensitive Cleansing Wipes

The Verdict:

You can get top notch ingredients for under a tenner. At £6.99, the Caviar Illumination Cream is an absolute steal. Whilst, at 25, I might be a little young to invest in anti-ageing cream, I am prone to breakouts and oiliness – something that the formulas vitamin and amino acid ingredients seemed to combat well. Premium products aside, the Lacura cleanser and toner were surprisingly effective products and for a fraction of the usual high street price. And you can’t really argue with 59p facewipes.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Aldi’s Lacura and Expert skincare. As it turns out, you can get more than what you pay for when it comes to skincare.