Derek the Dachshund gets his first food reviewing assignment


I thought my main job in the Confidentials office was to sleep, with the occasional scamper about to make everyone smile when the post-lunch lull hit. Turns out, they want me to do some real work as well. (If you can call 'food reviewing' real work... it's not exactly chasing sticks, is it?)

They wanted 500 words on the Encore range of dog food with no food reviewing cliches like 'tasty' and 'yummy' and 'delicious'.


“What about WOOF!?” I asked. “Can I use that?”

“Yes but we never use exclamation marks and capital letters.”

Woof. No, it just doesn't sound right. WOOF! WOOF! It's hard to contain your excitement when you're a dog. 

(Just ask Alana, whose desk I peed on last week.) 

The meaty aroma coming from the Encore in Jelly was making me literally drool. I dined from their 'Deluxe Collection', which is a real meat 'wet' dog food made with all natural ingredients. With up to 75% meat, it's a doggie dinner with real bite.

“I'm no muscle-bound pit bull but I loved the double protein in these dishes. They won't be calling me 'a cute little sausage' for long. Grrr.”

For starters I plumped for the pouch of Chicken Breast with Salmon and Vegetables. It was a succulent blend of high quality chicken that looked so good, my human colleagues said they had 'food envy'. (A side effect of Veganuary, perhaps?) The bold pairing with salmon was a triumph – fish 'n' fowl is the new turf 'n' surf.

What's more, Encore's tuna and salmon is only ever caught from sustainable species using dolphin-friendly fishing methods. Everyone loves dolphins, don't they? Even dogs, and we don't even know what they are.


Onto the main event: a can of Chicken with Garden Vegetables. This is a premium dog food where you can actually see the chicken, carrots and peas in your bowl as you chow down. None of that homogeneous slop here. I like to keep trim so the emphasis on lean meats and veggies appealed to me. And the taste was best in class.

To finish, I made room for a few bites of the Chicken Breast with Ham and Vegetables. I'm no muscle-bound pit bull but I loved the double protein in these dishes. They won't be calling me 'a cute little sausage' for long. Grrr.

Phew, is that 500 words yet? My paws are getting sore tippy-tapping on this keyboard. If anyone needs me, I'll be asleep under the desk. (It's what they do in this office after they've had a 'working lunch'.)

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  • Flavour 10/10

    Only the highest quality ingredients are used

  • Meatiness 5/5

    Made with 75% real meat

  • Juiciness 5/5

    Plenty vegetables, and who doesn't love jelly?