IS IT 2016 already? Time flies and I don't always feel like I'm keeping up so I was intrigued to try the mature skin defence facial at The Spa At The Midland. When it comes to winning the war on lines, I'm willing to take all the help I can get and as 3D Skintech is known as an effective age-defying treatment, I was looking forward to seeing what it could do for me.

My skin felt really truly clean to the touch and the evidence was there to see on the filter in all its icky glory

The mature skin defence facial cost £95 for 70 minutes and involves all four of the different Skintech concepts: microdermabrasion, radio frequency, mesotherapy and LED treatment as well as a range of Espa products A 50 minute version of the treatment is also available for £85 which includes three of the concepts.

My facial was preceded by an in-depth consultation with my therapist Hayley who was very thorough – I felt like I was in capable hands. Every treatment is bespoke so we discussed my skin and agreed to work on my deep lines and skin tone which I would like to be plumper.

As well being effective against signs of ageing, 3D Skintech is also a good treatment for congested and oily skin and the microdermabrasion isn't just for the face; it's great for unblocking pores and removing dead skin on the back.


However, I was here to do battle with my lines. I'd been told I'd see an improvement after just one treatment but for lasting results, you need a good skincare routine at home and a mature skin defence facial every month.

The treatment started off with a gentle cleanse using Espa hydrating cleansing milk. The smell of roses, geraniums and camomile was divine. The microdermabrasion session lasted 20 minutes and the results were clearly visible.

The vacuum worked upwards and outwards from the centre of my face with a special mini tool used to tackle more delicate areas and afterwards I felt like a layer of grime had been lifted away. My skin felt really truly clean to the touch and the evidence was there to see on the filter in all its icky glory.

Next came the radio frequency treatment. I'll be honest – the beeping and the pinging feeling on my skin made this feel more like a medical procedure than a spa treatment but out of all the 3D Skintech concepts, the radio frequency really gets the results. It breaks down the collagen fibres and helps build new collagen fibres and this is what I needed in my quest for fuller, plumper skin.

Radio Frequency

The mesotherapy felt relaxing and gentle. It was an unusual sensation which is hard to describe, almost like a tiny electric shock with a light prickling sensation.

Finally, came the LED treatment. It was a great way to round the session off as it was the most chilled part. The LED treatment lasted for ten minutes. A cooling mask was put on whilst the red light stimulated the collagen in my face and I was able to relax even further with a scalp massage.

LED Light Therapy

The facial came to end with Espa lift and firm age defying moisturiser which smelt lovely and pro-defence moisturiser which sealed in the products used throughout the treatment and protected my skin from the city air outside.

After a cup of white elixir tea in the relaxation room, I was ready to face the world, feeling and looking fresher and brighter.

For more information see the website.