Here's our pick of what the Northern Quarter has to offer on the foodie front

RESTAURANTS and places to eat in the NQ come and go almost as frequently as drinkers on Stevenson Square on a sunny summer evening. With new openings every month (and sadly nowadays, just as many closures), keeping on top where's good to eat in this part of town isn't as easy as it once was, back when TNQ and The Market Restaurant pretty much ruled.

One of those places is still going strong, the other not, but there's no sense of a vacuum waiting to be filled. We love the endless variety of cuisines being cooked up in this part of town, so over on we've compiled a list of the 21 best places to eat in the Northern Quarter, covering everything from quick bites to fine dining. Whether you're after a kebab or a korma, a ramen or a risotto (or anything else), the NQ has it all. 

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Main image: Gooey Bakery and Cafe

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BAB NQ showing us how good a kebab can actually be Image: Confidentials