Enjoy 12 free visits to Confidentials' favourite city centre fish and chip shop

When the chips are down, nothing cheers you up like a Wrights chippy treat. It’s Confidentials’ favourite city centre fish and chip shop for so many reasons. First up, the fish is as fresh as you like. Secondly, we are guiltily addicted to Wrights battered sausage. Lastly, the fish supper butty (the full works on a barm) is culinary genius. Stuff Michelin – this is what you want.

Win our competition and you can work out your own reasons for loving Wrights over the next year. After all you’ll get twelve freebie visits to the illustrious Cross Street chippy to discover just how good their sweet, sweet scampi are, how glorious a combo is chips and gravy and how a proper pie takes the edge off whatever winter throws at you.

Wrights Fish And Chips 26 Of 39

The lucky winner will get a year’s supply of chippy goodness. That’s a monthly visit to Wrights with £20 to spend every time. That’s an awful lot of mushy peas.

If ever there was a competition to spark joy, this is it.

The competition has ended.

End Date - 28th February 2022