An Italian feast for four with wine – this is going to be good

YOU and three friends at a table laden with Cicchetti's pitch-perfect Italian small plates. Oh, with wine on the house, too.

A 'Sharing Dinner' at Cicchetti is the perfect night out for friends who love to do dinner without the formalities. This restaurant is chic and stylish but the atmosphere is relaxed so you can just chill and enjoy yourself as the sharing plates are delivered over the course of the evening.

Cicchetti is named after these small plates (which are really more like medium plates) which originated in the bars of Venice. They're made for sharing and the restaurant recommends ordering 4-5 between two people and around 8 for four people

Confidential's favourites include the Lamb cutlets grilled with rosemary and thyme, and the Lemon sole with seasonal asparagus, fresh mint and pink peppercorns. But there's so many distinctive dishes to try here, everyone has their own opinion on what's best. Let's hope you can agree between you when it's time to order.

The prize is a sharing dinner for four, with a house bottle of wine, at Cicchetti on King Street West. To enter, make sure you're logged in then click the button below.

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End Date - 31st October 2019