Enjoy Zibibbo – it’s known as the wine of love – and you’ll love it

Sicilian wines don’t have the audience they deserve and we’re going to do something about that. Veeno serve Sicilian wines from their own family vineyard so they certainly know their way around the subject – from grape to glass – and together, we’re going to get everyone sipping Sicilian. There are some quality wines to be enjoyed so let’s go.

Every month we’re going to profile a different wine and you could win a bottle of it to share as well as some tasty Italian snacks for two. First up, it’s Zibibbo, known as the ‘Wine of Love’ due to the grape variety’s ancient associations with Aphrodite.

Fresh, fruity and floral, this wine is dangerously easy to drink and pairs perfectly with a pear and taleggio bruschetta and some marinated olives.

2020 02 21 Veeno Kelly Looking Fabulous

There are notes of mandarin and orange blossom as well as strong overtones of ‘is one bottle really enough?’ Once you’ve started with Sicilian wines, you’ll want to discover more.

Wine and nibbles – known in Italy as aperitivo – is something everyone makes time for and this is a tradition we should all follow in Manchester. Down tools, power off the computer and head to Veeno for wine and sharing boards of meats and cheeses or small plates called spuntini.

So, fancy exploring Sicilian wine and snacks for free? You could win a bottle of Zibibbo wine and nibbles for two.

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