The new beer and barbecue place on Stevenson Square

WHAT is that amazing smell drifting across Stevenson Square? Given the number of street food outlets and cafe-bars in this particular quarter of the Northern Quarter, it could be from any number of establishments. But there's only that does barbecue food over hot embers and live flames.

20190808 Quarter House Pit

Quarter House – a beer and BBQ place – has just opened in the corner spot that gets all the sun. It means guaranteed custom on a sunny summer evening but the new owners are not relying on the weather to attract a crowd. They've got an imaginative menu of world barbecue food cooked by chef Jason Latham who has won competitions for live fire cooking.

20190808 Quarter House Hero Brisket Parcel 20190808 Quarter House Jerkin Fries 20190808 Quarter House Tacos 20190808 Quarter House Chicken Burger

Your options range from street food like night market chicken, to fat buns stuffed with barbecued fillings, to small plates like sweetcorn and burnt squash fritters, to tacos including ox cheek with beef dripping mayonnaise. 

Their beer selection is impressive, and they do quality cocktails and wines too. In short, it's got a lot  going for it. Drop by and see what you think.

20190808 Quarter House Aperol Spritz 20190808 Quarter House Coors Bucket

In this competition, you can win £50 to spend on food and drink at Quarter House. To enter, make sure you're logged in then click the button below. 

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End Date - 30th September 2019