Take part in the UK's biggest mass-action environmental campaign

IF you've got a spare twenty minutes and want to do something positive for the environment, get involved in the Great British Spring Clean.

This mass litter-pick takes place from 20 March to 13 April with events planned right across the UK. So far over 468,000 volunteers have signed up – and they're hoping to reach 600,000 by the time it starts.

The aim is to use people power to create cleaner streets, parks and beaches, protecting wildlife,   and ultimately stopping the tide of plastic from damaging our oceans and marine life.

Angel Meadow Park 2019

There are lots of drop-in litter picks planned in Manchester, including MeadowSide's Spring Clean  in the Angel Meadows area, which borders the city centre.

It takes place on Friday 20 March from 12pm-4pm, and everyone is invited to take part, for as long or as little as you like.

 It's a chance to make a massive difference to one of the biggest green spaces in central Manchester. 

If you live or work near Angel Meadows park or the MeadowSide development, why not go along?

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Free pet photoshoot at Angel Meadows

Later on in the month, MeadowSide has another event planned in the Angel Meadows park. As part of National Take a Walk in the Park Day, they're hosting a free photoshoot for pet owners and their pets.

Bring your dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or bearded dragon. It's a chance to meet other pet owners and get some great shots of your pet enjoying itself, al fresco.

The photoshoot will take place from 5pm-7pm on Monday 30 March at Angel Meadows.

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