WE women have it tough when it comes to finding a bra that fits. Is it too much to ask to find a bra that not only provides comfort and support, but looks great as well?

Fortunately, the professionals at lingerie giant Triumph, who have been crafting beautiful lingerie since 1886, are in agreement. With all their expertise in this most feminine of categories. they are the ones who can really make a difference.

Last year Triumph surveyed over 10,000 women and found that 76% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Something needed to be done.

In April, Triumph launched Stand Up For Fit, their nationwide campaign to measure 10,000 UK women and make their lives that little bit more comfortable. Triumph’s bra-fitting tour is coming to House of Fraser in Manchester on 16-17 May.

It’s a chance to take advantage of a free fitting as well as picking up some bra-buying tips and a 20% discount on Triumph lingerie purchases made at the fitting.

There's sure to be a fantastic atmosphere at the event with fashionista Nadine Merabi entertaining as guest speaker at 2pm on Friday and the chance to win a luxurious weekend break for two.

So stand up for fit and get yourself down to House of Fraser to see what a difference a well-fitted bra makes.

Triumph’s bra-fitting tour will be at House of Fraser Manchester on 16-17 May.

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